Slingers: Behind the Scenes

Slingers: Behind the Scenes

Mike Sizemore has uploaded lots of behind the scenes photos from the shooting of the pilot "sizzle" from last week, to his website. 

Read full details on the Sizemore website.

The Slingers sizzle reel is now in the hands of the digital effects guys following a tremendous shoot last week.

We had a marvelous crew who gave their all to get this just right. Steve went for every single shot and it was quite an experience seeing him in action on set. We’re very lucky to have him on board. Next week I’ll begin working on the pilot script with him to really kick it into shape.

A lot of people were tuning into what was happening via Twitter and I tried to give a feel of the shoot along with the occasional Twitpic where appropriate. We amassed a considerable amount of behind the scenes material that we’re still going through and should eventually compliment the sizzle. In the meantime I’ll tease the odd bit here and of course I have a bunch of stuff on my iPhone that I’m easily bribed into opening up if you bump into me near a bar…

Suicide Brothers: behind the scenes interview

Tom is interviewed for the new short film The Suicide Brothers which had a press screening on June 28th.


Suicide Brothers: Behind the Scenes from Chloe Domont


Tom just shot a day or two on a new show called Slingers.

They shot a sort of teaser for industry-only types, with the real pilot to be shot later this year. It is a sci-fi show that is being produced in the UK, but seems to be for American TV (yay!). I'm not sure yet if it is for network or cable.

Two blogs to watch for information are:

The creator/writer:

The Producers (?):

There are some behind the scenes photos already posted in various places, but, alas, none of Tom.

When The Rain Stops Falling

When The Rain Stops Falling

The play came to the end of it's run last night at The Almeida, with fabulous reviews since it started in May. Just waiting to hear about Tom's next job now.