2021 Tom Mison Advent Calendar


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Podcast: Sleepy Hollow (The Movie)



Tom has once again returned to "Podcast Like It's 1999" -- this time to chat with Phil and Kenny about none other than beloved Tim Burton movie, Sleepy Hollow. It was a great discussion about the movie and Tim Burton's oeuvre, with some Sleepy Hollow TV behind the scenes tidbits thrown in for good measure. You can listen to the podcast wherever you normally get your podcasts, but you can also see video of the episode by subscribing to the Podcast Like It's patreon. Always worth the few dollars to see Tom's reactions (and his SEE beard).


See: Season Finale on Friday



**Spoiler Warning -- stop reading now if you haven't seen last week's episode of See (and what are you waiting for -- go watch it!)**


Last week's episode saw Lord Harlan in a precarious position. After bravely trying to protect wife Maghra from the assassins, he was wounded, but still alive. The finale will be released Friday and, considering the epic battle that will no doubt be fought, we may not find out how Harlan fared. Baba Voss and brother Edo are going to have it out once and for all, but there's no telling what kind of cliffhanger they might leave us with. The show is already renewed for a third season, so it wouldn't be surprising if us viewers are left with some unanswered questions.

See is available for streaming on Apple TV+.

Podcast: Talking about Acting



You would’ve thought Tom's appearance on Podcast Like It's 1999 (available on October 29th wherever you get your podcasts) was where we’d hear Tom next, but you’d be wrong! He popped up on a Slate podcast that is all about different jobs in the arts. Hearing (or reading - there’s an imperfect transcript available through the link) Tom chat about finding characters and his love of theatre in offbeat places (and beard philosophy!), is absolutely wonderful. He goes more in depth to finding all the nuances for the clones in Watchmen, touches on Sleepy Hollow, and talks more about stepping into season 2 of See and playing a blind character. There is also some bonus content with a paid subscription, but you can read that part in the transcription if you'd prefer not to sign up.