Dead Cat: Watch Along Commentary



If you haven't downloaded and viewed the movie Dead Cat yet, you really need to correct that as soon as possible. It is a cheeky, heartfelt film about love and friendship that is funny as well as touching. It is quite a different type of role for Tom and necessary viewing for all of his fans. The film is available for purchase or rental on Vimeo on Demand. Please leave a comment for them on the Vimeo page once you've watched it -- it was such a labor of love for the filmmakers, and it would be wonderful for them to get some of that love back from the fans.

Recently, Director/Writer Stefan Georgiou and Actor/Writer Sam Bern were kind enough to give live commentary on the film for us. They told stories about how scenes were originally conceived, how they had to make do with certain things because of budget limitations (although you'd never know), even gushed about Tom a little and answered many questions from the fans who were watching and tweeting along. It was such a special thing for them to do. You can watch the commentary below -- even better yet, play it along with the film (they give you a count down so you know when to hit play) to get some great insight into this fantastic indie film.



Photo courtesy Dead Cat Films

Dead Cat: Watch Along with the Filmmakers Tonight!



Tonight at 7pm ET is the group watch of the film Dead Cat! We will be watching along with the film's co-writers Sam and Stefan who will be giving us live commentary as we go. You can buy or rent the movie on Vimeo, and the commentary will be live via YouTube (see below):



You may even want to tune in a few minutes early so we can all get settled in before we simultaneously hit "play" together.

The guys are also fielding questions via Twitter. Tweet them @DeadCatUK using the hashtag #dcwatchalong. Don't have a question? Just let them know how much you love the film - it was a lot of hard work getting it on screen and to us on Vimeo, but obviously a labor of love so it's a good bet they'd love to know how much you enjoyed it.

See you tonight!


Photo by Dead Cat Films

Dead Cat: Live Watch-A-Long this Saturday



Join us this Saturday, April 2nd at 7pm ET for a live group watch of the film Dead Cat with the film's creators. Writer/star Sam Bern, and writer/director Stefan Georgiou will be tweeting along as we watch, as well as appearing in a live video stream. They'll answer questions and give us commentary on the film as we go. Don't miss this amazing opportunity to hear how the film was made, directly from the filmmakers themselves.

Buy or rent the film on Vimeo and make sure to follow @DeadCatUK on Twitter. You can tweet your questions and comments to them using the hashtag , You'll be able to watch the live stream on YouTube here on Saturday.


MCM Comic Con Birmingham 2016: Interviews and Photos


Tom's appearance at MCM Comic Con in Birmingham this weekend gave us a host of new photos and interviews to enjoy. Make sure to watch his interview from the con floor that he gave on Saturday - he chats with @tanavip about his film Dead Cat, his second biggest mustache in Parade's End, and of course Season 3 of Sleepy Hollow.

He also took part in a panel each day, and @Geektown was kind enough to upload Sunday's event (see below). Unfortunately the sound is a bit rough, but it is worth taking the time to work through it for Tom's answers about what he loves about acting and his thoughts about the Bones crossover, among many other topics.



The weekend also gave us a some wonderful new photos, which you can see below.


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Saturday's panel may pop up in the future and there was word of at least one other interview. There may also be some exclusive additions to the galleries, so do check back for those in the coming days.