Sleepy Hollow Viewing Party in NYC



Together with the always fun Head Over Feels team, I’ll be co-hosting a Sleepy Hollow Viewing Party on Monday, January 19th at the Stone Creek Bar and Lounge in NYC. Come hang out with fellow Sleepyheads, win door prizes, have some fine food and drink, and watch ep 2.13 “Pittura Infamante” - it will be much more fun than freaking out in your living room alone! The Stone Creek is located at 140 East 27th Street, and the festivities will kick off at 8pm. We'll have the back room to ourselves, so we can flail/squee all we want without scaring the other patrons.

Please RSVP via our event page on Facebook. If you aren't on Facebook, you can just email me at

Hope to see you there!

Sleepy Hollow: Ep 2.13 "Pittura Infamante" Promo

With that doozy of a surprise ending to Monday's "Paradise Lost," you'll definitely want to tune in to see what comes next for Team Witness. Unfortunately, we'll all have to wait until January 19th, as college football means there is no new Sleepy Hollow episode next week. Check out the promo for "Pittura Infamante" (which means "defaming portrait") below:



Sleepy Hollow Returns Tonight with "Paradise Lost"

Sleepy Hollow returns from the winter hiatus with an all new episode tonight. The big bad is gone - Henry has dispatched Moloch, so what's a Witness to do? TV Guide has posted a behind-the-scenes video with Tom, Nicole, Lyndie and writer/producer Albert Kim discussing what's to come:



Chances are Ichabod and Abbie will still be running into their fair share of demons and evil doers, but tonight they meet an angel, played by Max Brown. The question is, whose side is he on? See the preview below for your first look at Orion.



Here is one more preview with Tom and John Noble, but there are even more videos on Fox's YouTube page, where you can get your fill of previews for tonight's episode. Keep an eye on that page to see whether FOX uploads any additional clips later today.



Well, if Tom's going to watch, we probably should too! The show airs tonight at 9/8c on FOX.



People's Choice: Against the Clock with Tom and John Noble


Tom and John made a promotional appearance together in NYC this past Halloween where they were interviewed by several different media outlets. People's Choice has posted a fun clip of their interview with them, which is embedded below: