Sleepy Hollow: "The Weeping Lady" Clips and Teases

Monday's show promises to be filled with Sleepy Hollow's own brand of creepy goodness when Ichabod's ex-fiance, played by Heather Lind (Turn), comes to visit. The promo for the episode is embedded below:

The Hollywood Reporter also has an exclusive clip from the show, featuring Caroline the re-enactment girl, played by Laura Spencer (Lizzie Bennet Diaries). Apparently Ichabod's charms fully translate to the 21st century, and Betsy Ross is not the only one forward enough to express their...admiration.

Marisa Roffman, from, shared another clip of her interview with Tom from this past summer, in which Tom discusses this episode and what ramifications his (and Katrina's) past has in the present.

Make sure to watch "The Weeping Lady" on Monday at 9/8c!

Tom Takes Over EW

Tom was all over Entertainment Weekly this past week, with a fantastic interview that appeared in the magazine, and a wonderful Q&A that he did on their Facebook page. On the EW Instagram, they posted this behind the scenes video made by Tom:




@SleepyHollowFOX's Tom Mison made us this super-fun #behindthescenes look at making the show. #SleepyHollow #TomMison #Sleepyheads

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Tom's name even popped up in an interview with co-star John Noble, that was posted on yesterday:

Why do you love working with Tom?
He’s a fine actor. He’s also a very charming fellow. And we also have a shared experience—we both have stage backgrounds. And he’s English and I’m Australian, so there’s always a bantering going on. I mean, I’ve worked in England. I love it there. But the basic thing is, we fight about rugby and cricket, and our appreciation of the royal family. All sorts of things.

That the Americans don’t care about.
Not at all. That’s fun. It’s like having a reference point.

Do you think that Tom is like his character in real life?
Gee, that’s an interesting question. It seems to me that Tom’s a very sensitive man. He’s a little bit otherworldly, really. And I mean that in the nicest possible way. He’s also a magnificent looking man. [He's] the absolute perfect fit to play that resurrected Englishman, and he plays it to a T. The way that he and Abbie have their misunderstandings about language and manners and things is hilarious. I still think it’s the best part of the show, frankly.

Make sure to buy your copy of the October 17th issue of Entertainment Weekly with Tom's interview, on newsstands now.

Sleepy Hollow: Season 2 Premieres on the Universal Channel UK


UK Sleepyheads will finally get to join in the fun, when Season 2 premieres Wednesday night on the Universal Channel at 9pm. You can watch the Season 2 UK trailer, embedded below.


Sleepy Hollow: Preview of Next Week's Episode "Weeping Lady"

Photo by Brownie Harris/FOX


Images and a promo have been released for next week's episode, which promises to up the creep factor as we near Halloween. You can see the images in the galleries, and the video below.  The official plot summary is as follows:

A woman from Ichabod Crane’s past arrives in Sleepy Hollow in the form of an un-dead Weeping Lady, aiming to harm anyone in her path. Meanwhile, Katrina and Crane learn unsettling things about each other’s pasts, and Abbie has some unexpected flirtatious encounters in the all-new “The Weeping Lady” episode of SLEEPY HOLLOW airing Monday, October 20 (9:00-10:00 PM ET/PT) on FOX.

Guest start Heather Lind, taking a break from another Revolutionary War series, AMC's Turn, appears as the titular baddie.