MCM Comic Con London: Schedule Changes and Additions


With opening day of the show just days away, MCM Comic Con has released the full schedule for this weekend's festivities. There have been a few changes and additions to Tom's schedule. Word is that an e-mail went out yesterday to fans advising that, due to scheduling changes, Tom would be unable to attend on Sunday after all. He still has a panel appearance listed for Sunday but nothing else, so it seems that was probably just left there in error. You can view and download a handy PDF of the schedule and map of the floor from the MCM Comic Con website. Here is Tom's updated schedule for the weekend:


Friday, May 27 1:30-2:15pm BST Autographs
Sleepy Hollow...and Beyond - Q&A with Tom & John Noble
(Platinum Theater)
  3:45pm Photoshoot (with John Noble)
  4:00-4:45pm Autographs
Saturday, May 28 10:30-11:45am Autographs
  12:30pm Feeling Hollow? Q&A with Tom (Bronze Theater)
  1:00-1:45pm Autographs
MYM Buzz Interview with @tanavip (will be livestreamed & posted
to their YouTube channel)
  3:15pm Photoshoot (Area A)
  3:45-5:00pm Autographs



Photo by @MCMBuzz



MCM Comic Con London: Show Guide Posted



MCM Comic Con London is just a little over a week away, and not only is Tom now going to be appearing all three days, but he will be taking part in a Q&A panel each of those days as well. The schedule was released as part of the official MCM Comic Con London Show Guide, which is posted on their website. Especially exciting is that Friday's Q&A will also include John Noble!

Tom's Q&A schedule is as follows:

Friday          3:00 pm          Tom & John          Platinum Room

Saturday      12:30 pm        Tom                      Bronze Room

Sunday        1:00 pm          Tom                      Bronze Room

Of course Tom will also be signing autographs and doing photo ops with fans all weekend. There may also be a one-on-one interview with MyMBuzz, as there was at MCM Comic Con Birmingham, so stay tuned for information on that as we get closer to opening day.


Sleepy Hollow: Show to Return Mid-Season



FOX has released its fall and mid-season schedules today in advance of their Upfront presentations in New York City this afternoon. Sleepy Hollow will be returning mid-season on Fridays at 9pm. No specific date was announced, but generally that should mean an early 2017 start for the show. Deadline is saying the network has gone back to a 13 episode order, which was so successful in Season 1.

Additionally, the executives expressed an impressive amount of support for Tom. From TVLine:

“What we know is that Tom Mison is a big star. And the Ichabod Crane character has been so central to the series and the storytelling and he feels like an original, big Fox character.

“We don’t feel like it has to be the end of the life of the show,” she added. “And while there was backlash, there was also a tremendous amount of enthusiasm from fans about the show coming back and about Tom having the ability to be the center of the series and discovering new dynamics and new relationships. It’s a very original premise and we felt like it had greater life in it and that there was no reason to end it at that point.”

The presentation is slated to start at 4pm this afternoon. Tom won't be attending the event, but any new information that comes out of it will be posted here.

Sleepy Hollow: Renewed for Season 4


Fox has renewed Sleepy Hollow for Season 4. Tom returns, as do Season 3 regulars Lyndie Greenwood, Jessica Camacho and Lance Gross. No further details about number of episodes ordered or where it will fall on the schedule were disclosed, but the Fox upfront presentation is on Monday at 4pm, so expect further news then.