Sleepy Hollow: Tastemaker Press Event


Tom, Orlando and Lyndie attended a press event at the appropriately themed Headless Horseman bar in downtown Manhattan last night. Judging by tweets from some of the journalists who attended, Tom charmed the room in his "spectacular knit ware."  Visit the galleries here to view all the images, shared generously by @SHollowSource on Tumblr.

Sleepy Hollow: Season 2 Premiere Episode Re-Airs Tonight


Sleepy Hollow will be re-airing its gripping Season 2 episode "This is War" tonight at 9/8c. If you didn't catch it Monday night, make sure to tune in tonight and buckle up for a heckuva ride.

The episode is also available to download for free on iTunes and Amazon Instant Video. You can even go to or use the FOXNOW app to watch it, depending on your TV provider. Remember, if you've DVR'd the episode, it only helps the ratings if you watch it within the first week afterward, and it's best if you can watch it within the first 3 days.


EW Radio Interview on Sirius XM


Tom stopped by to chat all things Sleepy Hollow with Jessica Shaw and Tim Stack at EW Radio this morning. They talked about everything from Ichabod's wigs to what monsters and demons we'll get to meet in the coming season to naked Ben Franklin. Check out this clip below, where Tom gets himself in a little trouble...



If you missed it, you can listen to a re-broadcast of the entire interview tonight at 7pm on Sirius XM, channel 105.

Sleepy Hollow: Season Two Premieres Tonight! Are You Ready?


Happy Hollow Day, Sleepyheads! The day has finally come when we get to see how our favorite ragtag team of demon fighters get out of the predicaments they were left in at the end of last season (or not). Are you ready? Well, of course you’re ready, but are you ready? Make sure you’ve caught up with all the latest interviews and stories about the show on the Season 2 Highlights page, where you’ll also find some videos to refresh your memory about just how Season 1 left off, as well as some teases for Season 2, if you aren't spoiler averse.

If you are new to the Sleepy Hollow fandom, and didn't watch it live last season, well, you had better buckle up. There will be live tweeting aplenty for both the east and west coast feeds, for those on Twitter and live blogging on Tumblr. Orlando Jones is even live snapchatting (TheOrlandoJones), so he's got you covered there. If you do any tweeting, make sure to tag each one with #SleepyHollow to help get it trending!

Here's a handy list of who you might want to follow on social media:


  • @TomMison - he has never live tweeted, but obviously you should be following him!
  • @SleepyHollowFox - Official Twitter account for the show
  • @TheOrlandoJones - King of Tumblr and serial live tweeter
  • @NikkiBeharie - Abbie Mills herself!
  • @LyndieGreenwood - Jenny Mills
  • @Katia_Winter - Katrina Crane
  • @TheNeilJackson - Abraham Van Brunt - promised to live tweet the premiere
  • @johnnob58004412 - Henremy/Horseman of War
  • @sakinaJaff - the new sheriff in town
  • @JeremyOwensNC - Headless
  • @MartiMatulis - Sandman and Horseman of War (among others)
  • @MarkGoffman - showrunner extraordinaire
  • @MagicBranch - Writer/Producer Albert Kim
  • @RealBobOrci
  • @Wisemansketch - EP/Director Len Wiseman
  • @HKadin - EP Heather Kadin
  • @Abaiers - Manager, TV Development of K/O Paper Products
  • @KenOlin1
  • @pmiscove - Co-creator Phil Iscove
  • @DamianKindler
  • @SleepyWriters - the official account of the writer's room
  • @Dougaa - Director Doug Aarniokoski
  • @MBlakeWriter - Writer/Supervising Producer Melissa Blake
  • @RickFoxTheActor - Heather Regnier
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  • @MRozema - Research intern Mark Rozeman
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  • @Frocktalk - Costume Designer Kristin Burke
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  • @SleepyCuts - Post Production team
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Enjoy the show, and don't forget to visit the forum afterward to chat with your fellow sleepyheads!