NYCC: Sleepyhead Meet Up!


If you are going to NYCC for the Sleepy Hollow panel this Sunday, October 12th, come and join fellow Sleepy Hollow fans for a meet up afterward at the Headless Horseman (15th and Irving) at 7pm. If you can make it, an RSVP to would be appreciated so we know how many to expect.

Hope to see you there!

EW Extra: Why Tom Wants to be a Lannister


Entertainment Weekly posted a little bonus for us on their site, about what show Tom would like to make a guest appearance on, if he had his choice. He chose one of his favorite shows, Game of Thrones:

Tom Mison: Yeah, whenever I hear about the Game of Thrones shoot, I always feel sorry for people like Kit Harington, who are in the freezing cold, snowy—I think they’re in Iceland or somewhere. [Ed. note: He's right.] Which is cool—I’d love to go to Iceland. But working in the snow, and then you get other people who are in Malta for three months…

EW: Sunning themselves on the shore.
Exactly. That’s why I’d rather be a Lannister.

You’ve sort of got the looks for it.

You’ve got the—
—the sinister look in my eyes? [Laughter]

The blue eyes. You look inbred, is what I’m trying to say.
Thank you very much, thanks. Weak ankles.

That’s a great way to start the interview.
Tell me I look inbred. Perfect. [Laughter]

Well, that was awkward. Worst start to an interview ever?

Make sure you pick up this week's issue of Entertainment Weekly with Tom's full interview, which is on newsstands today!

EW Features Tom as "Man of the Times"

photo by Michael Muller

Entertainment Weekly has featured Tom in a big spread in their October 17th issue (#1333), along with the gorgeous photo above. It's a wonderful interview with new discoveries, like, for instance, the fact that apparently he was enjoying himself a little too much in drama school and got "chucked out!" It's a fair guess that they didn't hold a grudge (and were well aware of his talent), since they've had him back since to teach on occasion.

The full interview is in the galleries.

Sleepy Hollow: New Merchandise Available on


Sleepy Hollow has opened up shop on, with a variety of official merchandise for the fans to choose from. In addition to the DVD's and books that were released previously, there are a couple of different t-shirts, prints of the main characters, coasters and a mug to put on them. Unfortunately, no Ichabod Crane action figure...yet.