BBC Radio 3 Re-Broadcasting 'Arms and the Man'



First broadcast on BBC Radio in March 2010, the radio drama Arms and the Man by George Bernard Shaw stars Rory Kinnear, Lydia Leonard and Tom, and is directed by David Timson. Tom plays Major Sergius Saranoff.

It is 1885, and there is trouble in the Balkans. The Serbians and the Bulgarians are at war.
Raina Petkoff is convinced her fiancé Major Sergius Saranoff will glorify himself in the war and become her hero - but after a dramatic encounter with a down-to-earth Serbian officer who hides in her room, she is brought face to face with the mundane truth about the conflict rather than its glories. The ideals and realities of war, hypocrisy and nationalism are all entertainingly explored in this rare romantic comedy by one of our most acerbic writers.

The play will be re-broadcast on Sunday, February 8th on BBC Radio 3 at 10 pm GMT/5 pm ET. For those not in the UK, you can still listen live on the BBC website. It will also be available worldwide for 30 days on iPlayer.

Many thanks to Lorna for spotting this one!



Sleepy Hollow: UK Mid-Season Premiere Date Set



The Universal Channel has announced that Sleepy Hollow will return on March 26th at 9pm. According to TV Wise, this episode will be "The Akeda" (which was actually the finale to the first half of the season in the US and Canada), in which "unforeseen sacrifices must be made and loyalties are put to the ultimate test in the fight against evil."

Meanwhile, Season 2 finally premiered this week in Australia on Channel Eleven. It airs Monday nights there at 9:30pm.


Sleepy Hollow: Promos, Images and Sneak Peaks for “Spellcaster”


Tomorrow's episode of Sleepy Hollow introduces us to Solomon Kent - evil Warlock, former Puritan minister and all around scary dude, played by guest star Johnathon Schaech (That Thing You Do, Star-Crossed). He is back in our world after being released from Purgatory with Moloch's demise, and he's searching for a powerful book. It’s up to Team Witness to make sure he doesn’t find it (side note — don’t you just love how books hold so much power in this world?). We’ll also flashback for some twistory to see what part he and Katrina’s ancestor played in the Salem Witch Trials. Now that Team Witness is back on track, bond secured and communicating better, we’ll have to see how they face this new danger, and how Katrina reacts when the warlock sees something in her she may not realize was there.

Images from the episode have been released and are in the galleries. Clips and promos have also been posted by FOX, two of which are embedded below. The other clips can be found on FOX’s YouTube page.


While ratings had lagged for a few weeks, last week’s episode featuring the now classic Proud Mary duet by Ichabod and Abbie produced a nice upswing in viewers. Tomorrow's episode is directed by Paul Edwards, who directed fan favorite Necromancer and Lesser Key of Solomon from Season 1 and The Kindred from Season 2, and was written by Albert Kim (The Kindred), so we Sleepyheads are in very good hands. Critics who have gotten advance screeners of "Spellcaster" have had some great things to say:



We’ve been promised some very interesting, dare I say game-changing, events in these last 4 episodes of Season 2. So if you've fallen behind on your DVR episodes or stopped watching for a bit, now is a great time to jump back in.

Tune in to Sleepy Hollow on Monday at 9/8c on FOX.



Photo by Brownie Harris/FOX



Tom Attempts to Break the Internet By Declaring that Ichabod is "Completely in Love" with Abbie


There's never been any doubt that Ichabod has great affection for Abbie Mills - from the pilot onward, the two have gelled as friends and partners, even if they've hit some bumpy times in Season 2. However, in the TV Guide video below, Tom just lays it out there about Ichabod's true feelings.



It could very well have been taken out of context of course, but with a declaration like that, I think it's all aboard the
SS Ichabbie!