Sleepy Hollow: Season 2 DVD Released



The Sleepy Hollow Season 2 Blu-ray and DVD were released today and should be available at your local retailer or any number of online stores. To remind you, here are the list of extras included on both:

  • A Salute to Sleepyheads
  • Commentary on "Mama" by Nicole Beharie and Mark Goffman
  • Commentary on "The Akeda" by Tom Mison and Mark Goffman
  • Commentary on "Tempus Fugit" by Tom Mison and Mark Goffman
  • Mysteries & Mythology: The Secrets of Season Two
  • Monsters & Mayhem: The Creatures of Season Two
  • Hollow History
  • Deleted Scenes
  • Gag Reel
If you didn't finish last season, you have a little over 2 weeks to catch up before Season 3 premieres on October 1st in the show's new time slot, Thursdays at 9pm on FOX.

Dragon Con 2015: Sleepy Hollow Panel


Thanks to the lovely @CynaColorado, we have video of Saturday's panel from Dragon Con. Enjoy!






NYCC 2015: Sleepy Hollow Panel Announced



20th Century FOX announced today that they would be bringing Sleepy Hollow back to New York Comic Con for a third consecutive year. A panel is scheduled for the main stage on Sunday, October 11th from 4:15-5:15 pm. The panel will include a look at an upcoming episode and a Q&A with the cast and Executive Producers. There is no guarantee what cast members will be able to appear since shooting is ongoing, but it’s a good bet if Tom can finagle it, he’ll be there.




Dragon Con 2015: Highlights Page


Tom is appearing at Dragon Con 2015 this weekend and has already been busy signing autographs in the Walk of Fame today. Up later is a panel with Nicole and monster maker Corey Castellano. For the latest schedule, photos from the con, interviews and any other fun things that pop up, visit the Dragon Con highlights page here, or click on the link in the sidebar. The page will be updated throughout the weekend. For even more up-to-the minute information, follow @TomMisonFans on Twitter.


Photo courtesy @giaruc