MCM Comic Con Birmingham 2016: Submit Your Questions for Tom



An interview with Tom will be live streamed from the MCM Comic Con in Birmingham this Saturday morning at 11am GMT/7am ET. MCM Buzz (@MCMBUZZ) and the interviewer (@tanavip) have put out the call for fan questions to be asked during the chat. There are three ways to do that - you can tweet your questions, email them, or grab some video of you asking the question and send it in to them. Details can be found on the MCM Buzz website. This is a great opportunity for fans to ask questions about Tom's work on Sleepy Hollow, the newly released film Dead Cat, or any other role you might have wondered about.

The photoshoot schedule has also been released (below), and Tom will be available for photos with fans at 1 pm on Saturday and 12 noon on Sunday. That means he should be available at his signing table for autographs the rest of the time, more or less.


Photo by @TasTyke



MCM Comic Con Birmingham 2016: Schedule of Events



The Official Show Guide has been posted on the MCM Comic Con website with schedules for this weekend's events. Tom's schedule is as follows:


11am  Interview in the MYM Buzz area
(can be watched live for those attending,
it will also be live streamed on and uploaded
 to the TheMCMBuzz channel on YouTube)
2pm  Q&A/Panel in the Theatre
Autograph Signing/Photo Ops at posted times
1:30pm  Q&A/Panel in the Theatre
Autograph Signing/Photo Ops at posted times

All times are GMT. Since England is not on Daylight Savings Time as the US is, make sure you double check what the time difference is where you live.

Priority and general entry tickets to the con are going fast. Your best bet is to purchase them, as well as tickets for photo ops, in advance at the MCM Comic Con online store.



Tom Returns to MCM Birmingham This Weekend



MCM Comic Con has announced that Tom will be appearing at their Birmingham show this weekend, on both Saturday and Sunday, March 19-20. Autographs will be £20, photo ops £25. He will also participate in a Q&A session both days, which is free to all con attendees. You can purchase tickets for entry on the MCM Comic Con website, and advance tickets for photo ops will be available on that same link as well. Tom makes it very worth every fan's while at these events, so if you are anywhere in the area you should absolutely make the effort to attend!

Dead Cat: Available Now



The Dead Cat filmmakers took pity on those who have been dying to see the movie, and made it available for rental and download on Vimeo a little early. Click through this link and enter the code 'ilovetommison' (cheeky!) to receive a 10% discount. Those guys really get us.

The film is fantastic. It’s a sweet romantic story, but also very funny, a little raunchy, poignant and just really well done (especially considering they produced it with a ridiculously small budget). The cast is fantastic from top to bottom, and Tom is particularly good. We get to see an entirely different side to him - the character couldn't be further from Ichabod Crane, which only underscores how very talented he is.

For more information on the film, you can follow @DeadCatUK on Twitter, on Facebook or visit their website.


Photo courtesy Dead Cat Films