Tom Included in People's 'Sexiest' Issue

For the second year in a row, Tom has been chosen for People Magazine's Sexiest Man Alive issue. This year, he's part of the Hottest Guys from Around the World" spread, along with Sleepy Hollow castmate Neil "Headless" Jackson. While it's wonderful that he is pictured, I daresay they could have made that photo of him just a tad bigger, eh?

Many thanks to for use of their photo!

Sleepy Hollow: Meet "Mama" Mills Tonight!


Tonight on Sleepy Hollow, we get a powerful episode entitled "Mama," centered on the Mills family and their connection to the mysterious goings on at Tarrytown Psychiatric. From the promo photo above and the clip posted on E! Online, and the one below, it doesn't look like Ichabod is quite up to this investigation. Another clip featuring the welcome return of Jenny and Irving is also embedded below, along with a clip featuring Abbie's eerie dream.

Tune in tonight on FOX at 9/8c, and make sure to follow the live tweeting on Twitter. The episode was written by @DamianKindler, and was directed by @WStanzler, plus Lyndie will be taking over the @EWTV Twitter account for the show. Don't forget to use the hashtag #SleepyHollow to help get it trending!





Sleepy Hollow Magazine Now on Sale


The first issue of the Sleepy Hollow fan magazine has been released, and is now available in stores such as Barnes and Noble, and online from the publisher, Titan. It has plenty of photos and articles about the cast, the monsters, and a guide to all of the Season 1 episodes. There is a full interview with Tom, in which he chats about his character's arc and all the challenges he'll face in season 2:

When asked if he had a wishlist for Crane's development this season, Mison reveals that he did. "One thing I was saying to the writers at the end of season one is that if you look through the first season, all of the big mistakes that were made were because Ichabod let his emotions get the better of him," the actor explains. "I joke to them that he's always been a thinker and when his emotions come into it, he doesn't quite know how to follow them.  When they captured the Headless Horseman and were interrogating him, it's Ichabod's emotions when he finds out who the Horseman is that leads to the Horseman getting away. And toward the end [of the season], his emotions lead him to create the map to Purgatory, which is betraying Abbie, all because he does not know how to deal with [them]. He has to remind himself that he is a man of logic, and also a man of a different era where you're not led by your emotions, and that has been a really nice thing to explore. So my one request for season two was to further explore that -- where terrible things are happening, but Ichabod has to try and keep his emotions under control and be a thinker.

The magazine is great fun and would make a great stocking stuffer for your favorite Sleepyhead!

Sleepy Hollow: Get Ready for the Succubus Tonight in "Heartless"

A Succubus comes to Sleepy Hollow (at the invitation of guess who?) in tonight's episode, and as you can see in an exclusive clip on EW when you click through here, she has a run in with the new kid in town. This week's baddie is played by Caroline Ford (@Caroline_Ford).

We will also get to see the Cranes spending some quality time at home, as you'll see in the following clips:




Tune in tonight on FOX at 9/8c. If you have questions about the show, you can ask this episode's writer Albert Kim (@MagicBranch), who will be live tweeting, as I'm sure will several other cast, crew and producers. Check this handy list for all the Sleepy Hollow Twitter accounts you should be following to join in the fun. And remember, use the hashtag #SleepyHollow so we can get it trending tonight!