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FOX 411 posted this fun piece about Sleepy Hollow in which Tom, Nicole and Lyndie chat about the upcoming season, including the Bones crossover that will air on Thursday, October 29th. There are a couple of little scoops in there about that episode as well as Abbie and Jenny's father, but the highlight has to be Tom, tongue firmly in cheek, talking about Ichabod and Abbie being flatmates, taking bubble baths together and watching Romy and Michele's High School Reunion together every night. Classic.




NYCC 2015: Sleepy Hollow Panel


The sad news was that Tom was unable to attend New York Comic Con, but he certainly did make his presence felt. After the audience viewed "Whispers in the Dark" (inexplicably, last week's episode was shown), moderator Kim Roots from TVLine mentioned that Tom had sent along a message for the fans. Zach Appelman, who plays new series regular Joe Corbin, went on to read an email that was quintessentially Tom, in his best English accent. Tom was not impressed (as he was apparently watching the live feed) and playfully texted Zach that his accent was a disgrace. The exchange was extremely well received -- proving Tom can charm the socks off a room, even when he's not there.

Fans had a lot of good questions for the panel and were rewarded with some fun answers -- check it out for yourself below:




NYCC 2015: Sleepy Hollow Panel Will Be Live Streamed


New York Comic Con starts this week, but for those who can't make it there is some good news. Many panels will be live streamed, including the Sleepy Hollow panel which hits the Main Stage on Sunday starting at 4:15 pm.  At that time, you can go to this page on the NYCC website and watch all the fun (except for the sneak peek they'll be screening).

Many thanks to myhatfullofstars for spotting the news!




Sleepy Hollow: Season 3 Premiere



Sleepy Hollow is back and as crazy as ever, with Pandora and her evil box, red demons and their white eyes, and Team Witness and the witty banter we have missed so much. Although the show has a wickedly competitive new time slot and didn't do boffo in the ratings (watch and re-watch via, the FOXNOW app, Hulu, On Demand or DVR to boost those numbers!), the #SleepyHollow hashtag trended for hours in the US and Worldwide. The promo team was on overdrive, releasing production stills, teases and clips like the following, featuring Timothy Perez (@AtlantaToughguy), who is also pictured above (and who kindly shared the photo):


Peace out, Sleepyheads. Until tomorrow.

Posted by Sleepy Hollow on Wednesday, September 30, 2015


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