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TCA Press Tour 2014 Wrap Up

There will be plenty of buzz about Sleepy Hollow in the coming days at SDCC, but we did get some Season 2 teases from the cast and EPs at their presentation a few days ago to the Television Critics Association.

On the Ichabod/Abbie relationship:

  • Tom:  "Running around the woods chasing monsters is profoundly erotic and sometimes I just have to give a saucy look. Hashtag Ichabbie."
  • EP Len Wiseman: "We're really not playing their relationship on the romantic side"
  • EP Mark Goffman: "Their relationship is at the core of everything we do." / "We're going to drop a few bombs this season" regarding Crane & Katrina / "It's hard to have relationships in the middle of the apocalypse."

On how crazy the show can be:

  • Tom: “That’s how I felt when I read the pilot; like you said, it’s batshit crazy. There’s not really a shark to jump, because in the pilot, we kicked the shark in the teeth.”

On the fan reactions:

  • EP Heather Kadin:  “I think they’ve noticed things we wouldn’t have noticed,” regarding Ichabod wearing the same clothes over and over again, which they might not have noticed if fans hadn’t pointed it out.
  • EP Roberto Orci: "Fans online have been so instrumental. It keeps us in check"

On the things we get to see this season:

  • Crane encounters with modern times: He sees Abbie vote, and he learns how to drive.
  • New villains: wendigo, succubus, kindred, and a pied-piper

A heartfelt thanks to the many nimble fingered critics who live tweeted the presentation (@HitFixDaniel, @JimHalterman, @Danielletbd, @thesurfreport, @EricIGN, @HuffPostTV, @TVGuide) and to Marisa Roffman at for live-blogging.


SDCC 2014: Tom Stars in the Sleepy Hollow Virtual Reality Experience (VIDEO)

A video has been posted showing us what the virtual reality experience they've brought to San Diego Comic Con looks like, for those attendees lucky enough to try it. According to The Wrap:

In the short clip, Mark Goffman and his “Sleepy” staff crammed in several visual easter eggs for fans of the Fox show, including a Season 2 tease — Benjamin Franklin's key — and a few hidden gems from its freshman run such as Judas Coins, the broken Horse Crossing sign, Headless Horseman's head in a jar and Katerina's grave.

The 3D, live action performance by Tom Mison and “Headless” was shot on the “Sleepy Hollow” set with a 360 camera and integrated into a real-time virtual environment.




San Diego Comic Con Kicks Off Today!


San Diego Comic Con opens today, and we all need to brace ourselves for lots of Sleepy Hollow and Tom goodness over the next few days. Tom will be appearing on the Sleepy Hollow panel, of course, at 5:45pm PDT tomorrow, but before that, he will be on the EW: Brave New Warriors panel at 1:45pm PDT. On Saturday, there will be an autograph session (time has yet to be announced), and Tom will make an appearance off-site at the Sleepy Hollow Oculus RIft virtual reality experience at the Petco Interactive Zone at 12 Noon PDT. 

He will also be doing plenty of interviews and photoshoots while he's there, so to make following the action easy, all the links, latest photos and videos will be gathered on the SDCC 2014 page. Check back often for updates through the weekend!