Suicide Brothers Accepted Into Foyle Film Festival

The Continuing and Lamentable Saga of the Suicide Brothers has been accepted into the 22nd Foyle Film Festival

The festival takes place in Derry, Ireland from November 20th through November 28th.  The Suicide Brothers will screen with other short films in the International Shorts Package 1 on November 21 at 2pm in the newly refurbished Nerve Center Cinema 2.

The film will be in competition for the Light in Motion Award for Best International Short.  The winner of this award will be able to submit their film for Oscar consideration.

Seacoast Online Reviews Suicide Brothers

The reviewer from Seacoast Online had this to say:

THE CONTINUING AND LAMENTABLE SAGA OF THE SUICIDE BROTHERS: Often the major issue with films at small — or even some big — festivals isn't the script or acting as much as the production quality. It can cost a lot to make a good-looking film. Production value (and, apparently, money) was not a problem for "The Suicide Brothers," a quirky short film directed by the Brownlee Brothers and written by the two main stars, Rupert Friend and Tom Mison.

Such a surreal and stunning production. Unquestionably the most gorgeous film about incompetent suicide attempts on the market. (Don't act like there isn't a whole genre of them — see "Lucky," above.) Also stars Keira Knightley — Friend's g-friend — as the Tinkerbell-esque fairy godmother who crackles and flickers like a busted Christmas light. Executive produced by our own Chase Bailey, who worked with Friend on "The Libertine." I loved this funny little film. I want to see more from Arran and Corran Brownlee.

Suicide Brothers wins Best Short Comedy at NHFF

And the "Granny" goes to...The Continuing and Lamentable Saga of the Suicide Brothers!  The New Hampshire Film Festival came to a close today with their awards ceremony, recognizing the best films screened over the past 4 days with a "Granny."  Tom's film, The Suicide Brothers, deservedly won Best Short Comedy!

We at couldn't be happier for Tom, the Brownlee Brothers, Rupert Friend, Keira Knightley and everyone who worked so hard on this fantastic film!!  Congratulations!

Photos of Tom for FHM Magazine

Stunning photos of Tom have been found at Getty Images.  The 8 photos were taken for FHM Magazine in December of 2007, but an extensive search did not turn up the issue in which they ran.  If anyone is able to unearth that information, please let us know!