Heroes and Villains Trailer

Tom makes an even briefer, but no less heartstopping, appearance in the trailer for this comedy.  Look for a quick shot of him when the voice-over says "upgrade" at around :39.

Clips of L'entente Cordiale

Here are a compilation of clips from the 2006 movie L'entente Cordiale, in which Tom plays Jennifer Saunders' assistant (at least I think so - I don't speak French!).  He makes two brief, but heartstopping, appearances - one towards the beginning and one closer to half way.  They are quick, but well worth the effort.

The Suicide Brothers gets an IMDb Page

The short film that Tom co-wrote and stars in is now on IMDb and can be found here.

Slingers in Broadcast Now Magazine

Slingers was recently mentioned in Broadcast Now magazine, an industry publication.  You can read the full text here.

The best bit is the following:

"Writer Mike Atherton has attracted 3,000 followers on Twitter, where he regularly updates on the production, while Sleepydog’s blog offers behind-the-scenes stories and pictures. Barron is preparing a three-minute teaser, which is likely to debut online."

Needless to say, our fingers and toes are firmly crossed.