Happy Birthday, Tom!



Please join me in wishing the supremely talented, terribly quick-witted, and unfailingly kind Tom Mison a very happy birthday. Hoping his day is a delight!

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Sleepy Hollow: Season 4 DVD

A release date for the Season 4 DVD has been set in the UK. Thanks to @WorbsE17 for spotting that the DVD (region 2) will be available there as of September 25th. Amazon UK is taking pre-orders for £27.99. No date has been set for the US as of yet.

According to the BBFC, it looks like a fan favorite - the Gag Reel - may not be included this time around. What does appear to be included are 14 minutes of Deleted Scenes. They are detailed on the site as follows:

00:00:49:24  EP 402 SC 10
00:00:48:18  EP 403 SC A28
00:02:10:15  EP 404 SC 1 - PARTIAL
00:00:41:13  EP 406 SC 11 PT 1
00:00:33:04  EP 406 SC 11 PT 2
00:00:48:03  EP 406 SC 39
00:00:28:03  EP 409 SC 20
00:00:15:12  EP 409 SC 11
00:00:53:18  EP 410 SC 19
00:00:22:20  EP 410 SC 19
00:00:28:01  EP 411 SC 29
00:01:44:18  EP 412 SC 05 - EXTENDED
00:01:25:12  EP 412 SC 40 - EXTENDED
00:02:41:01  EP 413 SC 10
00:00:07:05  EP 413 SC A 28

As soon as a US release date is announced, it will be posted here.

UPDATE: Thanks to @marisaroffman, we now know that the Sleepy Hollow Season 4 DVD will be released in the US on September 26th. Even better, a complete 4 season set will be released on that day as well.


Sleepy Hollow: What Would a Season 5 Have Looked Like?



TVLine has posted some comments from a chat they recently had with Janina Gavankar, Season 4's Diana Thomas. She offered a glimpse of what we might have gotten had Sleepy Hollow continued on to a Season 5.

In fact, that mythical sea beast [the kraken] likely would’ve returned in a “big, big case” at the start of Season 5, continued the actress, who next will voice a character in the Star Wars: Battlefront II video game. “How do we handle the sirens and the kraken, all water-worldly creatures?”

Sleepy Hollow was seen in many countries throughout the world during its run, and the final season of the show still has yet to air in some. In fact, Season 4 premieres on Fox España later today. The network shared the new behind-the-scenes photo above on Twitter


Photo by Tina Rowden/FOX

Sleepy Hollow: Fox Declines to Renew



It's the end of the line, Sleepyheads. Fox has decided to cancel Sleepy Hollow after a return to form in Season 4. Unfortunately the ratings just weren't there. Thankfully, the writers wrapped everything up with Crane in a good place, aside from that whole bargaining his soul away to the devil. But if anyone could outwit the devil, it would have to be Ichabod Crane, would it not?

Much gratitude to all the hard working people that brought the show to the screen. It was 62 episodes of batshit crazy entertainment that took an incredible amount of time and effort from a lot of amazingly talented people. Tip of the hat to all the writers, directors, crew, cast and producers who had a hand in the show these last 4 years!

Of course, it wouldn't have been Sleepy Hollow without the iconic character of Ichabod Crane. Not many actors could do what Tom did. He made the unbelievable believable, with tremendous talent, grace and, if the gag reels are any indication, a lot of swearing. I'm so glad this show gave the world an introduction to how brilliant Tom is and I can't wait to see what he has for us next.



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