Tom will be returning to the stage on March 29th in the restoration comedy The Way of the World at the Donmar Warehouse in London. He will be playing Fainall, described as a man on the fringes of respectability. Very intriguing.

The run is close to sold out, but you can sign up at the Donmar's website to receive notifications for their Klaxon ticket scheme in order to buy returned and standing room tickets closer to the date you want to attend. The play runs through May 26th. 



So excited for this! Donna

So excited for this!


Tom on Stage!!!

Awesome news to hear first thing this morning, I'm so excited and breaking open the piggy bank for a trip to London!


Wow! Mr. Mison back on stage

Wow! Mr. Mison back on stage where he can show his many skills in acting.

Such fantastic news! Wow,

Such fantastic news! Wow, those tickets went quickly -- the cast was only announced this morning, and it's nearly sold out? That's a very short run; perhaps it will be extended due to obvious demand, which I have to assume will only increase with the knowledge that Tom is among the cast. Maybe I'll be very lucky and they'll bring it to New York or somewhere else in the US.

Fantastic news!!

It's so great to see Tom back at work, and on stage!!  This will be delightful, I have no doubt!

Cyn H.

Without a doubt! Very excited

Without a doubt! Very excited to get reviews and production stills, at least, even if I can't actually see the play in person. Perhaps I will be lucky enough that they bring it to the US. I can only imagine how fantastic he is on stage.

Is that pic above from the

Is that pic above from the play? So happy to hear that he's going to be on stage. I only wish it was going to be here in NY. But I'm lookining forward to hearing from those who go. :) 

Pic above

That photo above is from the 2012 production of Posh. No photos available from The Way of the World yet -- rehearsals just started on Tuesday - but keep an eye out for the Donmar to post some photos soon. 

Thanks for the info. :) I so

Thanks for the info. :) I so wish I could see him on stage. Well, hopefully 1 day he'll be in a production here in NY.