Sleepy Hollow and Tom Praised in More Year End Lists

The accolades continue to roll in for Tom and the show, as more end-of-year lists are posted:

Time Magazine: The Best New Shows of 2013

Sleepy Hollow (Fox)
What do you get when the American Revolution meets The Book of Revelation? A crazy good time.

MTV: The Most Criminally Underrated Hotties of 2013

Tom Mison This is almost certainly Tom Mison's last year to be counted as "underrated", now that the entire world is lusting after him in the role of the befuddled, time-traveling Ichabod Crane on Fox's "Sleepy Hollow." But since he spent most of 2013 in relative obscurity, we'll put him on this list if only to relish the fact that he's leaving it so soon. So long, Tom, and thanks for all the "Salmon Fishing in the Yemen."

TV Guide: Best Performances of 2013:

Tom Mison, Sleepy Hollow
Sleepy Hollow should be an unbearable cheese-fest, but thanks in large part to Mison, it's become a breakout hit. The actor's ability to insert an earnestness into Ichabod's fish-out-of-water routine elevates it far beyond the grating shtick it could have become. (One only has to look at Crane's impassioned speech to the NorthStar worker Yolanda to understand just how skilled Mison is at this.) His attention to detail is also to be admired. It was Mison who suggestion that Crane refer to Lt. Abbie Mills as "leftenant," which has quickly become one of the soldier's most endearing quirks.


Tom Mison as Ichabod Crane

Tom Mison is excellent as Ichabod Crane in the centuries old setting.  He fits in perfectly with his fast-talking old English delivered with solemnity.  I like the easy banter between the two main actors and Crane's hesitant acceptance of the modern age gadgetry - words flow out of him so melodiously that one gets rivetted waiting for more words.  I hope he is given more lines so we could hear his voice.  As well, his long hair fits him and the setting, naturally.  He is very good looking, of course.  I hope to see TM in the movies or TV movies in the future.  Please keep Sleepy Hollow going for many many years to come; it is an excellent show - I love it.  Good Luck!!