Tom Mison as Lord Harlan and Hera Hilmar as Maghra in See

Ahead of tomorrow's season 2 premiere of See on Apple TV+, TVLine has uploaded a chat Tom had with Kim Roots, about his new role as Lord Harlan.

It sounds as if Harlan is going to be great fun. He's a little mysterious in that we don't know if he is a good guy or bad, and smart and scheming as he tries to outwit the others to hold on to the power he has. Tom relates that he also gets to aggravate Baba Voss (Jason Momoa's character) quite a bit. "When they meet, and he realizes that Baba is huge — and it’s no spoiler — but that’s, for me, been the most satisfying thing of the job: How can Harlan wind Baba up to the point where all Baba wants to do is smash his face in, but knows that he can’t because he’s in Harlan’s town, and Harlan and Maghra have a plan? So, that’s been constant fun for me and having someone as playful as Jason has been even better, that I just want to wind him up. That’s all Harlan wants to do, and it’s all Tom wants to do, as well. And I’ll tell you, in my long illustrious career, there’s been very little as satisfying as ruining Jason Momoa’s shots by making him giggle."

It's quite a different kind of character for Tom, not only in that he is blind, like most others in the See world, but in how that informs his acting. He says, "The hardest one for me, I gesture with my hands a lot, and I like doing that when I’m acting, as well. I think you can give a lot away. People say eyes are the windows to the soul, but I’ve always thought hands are. Hands give away a lot, but in a world where no one can see your gestures, gestures become meaningless. After 400 years of a world without sight, you just wouldn’t gesture, and that include nodding your head and shaking your head, and that’s the hardest thing to try and stop."

For the full interview, click over to TVLine.