Jeff "Doc" Jensen turns his attention to Sleepy Hollow as only he could, talking underlying themes, horror genre tropes and his theories about the show.  He wraps up the review by saying:

It will be interesting to see where Sleepy Hollow goes from here with its impish reflections on “the spirit democracy” or the business of converting American history into Gothic mythology, or if it can take any of it much further at all without becoming ponderous and preachy. But to be honest, I think less might be more: I like Sleepy Hollow more for its preposterous pop than its ponderousness. The show finds its best grounding not in history or big ideas, but in the relationship of its charming leads and the promising group dynamics of the team they are building; please, more Parrish, Jenny, and Orlando Jones’ “skeptical” Captain Frank. (Skepticism is a silly value for any character on this show to possess — which, of course, makes me wonder if Captain Frank knows much, much more than he’s telling.) As the season moves into its second half, I hope Sleepy Hollow keeps fleshing out Abbie’s character (which is to say, continue feeding the actress, Nicole Beharie, who is every bit a reason to watch as Tom Mison’s Ichabod), keeps the exquisitely designed corpse-creatures coming (The Sandman was eye-candy nightmare), well-designed creatures coming, and keeps the mythology intriguing yet manageable.

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