Salmon Fishing in the Yemen Continues to Impress

Another great review was posted by the LA Times:

'At every film festival, a movie comes along that just lifts your spirits, leaves you feeling good about life and even better about the movies. At Day 5 in this year's Toronto International Film Festival, for me it’s Lasse Hallstrom’s charmer, “Salmon Fishing in the Yemen.” '

CBS Films has already set up a Facebook page for those interested in the film - please click here and like the page.  They had announced their Twitter account for the film - @SalmonInYemen - but as of right now, that doesn't seem to be working.  I will update this story when it gets straightened out.

UPDATE:  Seems like the Twitter account is back up and running, so go follow them!

Henry IV Gets 5 Stars from the Guardian

Michael Billington in the Guardian has given Henry IV parts 1 & 2 his highest five star rating saying, "Peter Hall, returning to them for the first time since he directed them at Stratford in 1964, has also realised them to perfection."  About Tom's performance in particular, he writes:

"But the complexity of the Hal-Falstaff relationship is enhanced by Tom Mison's admirable Prince. In the great, role-playing tavern scene where Hal assumes his father's identity, Mison gives due warning of his intentions. "Banish plump Jack and banish all the world," cries Falstaff, to which Mison replies, "I do" in the voice of his father and then "I will" in his own steely register.

You feel Mison is constantly trying to tell Falstaff that things can't last; yet, on the battlefield at Shrewsbury, he tenderly kisses the supposedly dead knight. And when Mison assumes power as Henry V, he implies that the dismissal of Falstaff exacts its own personal cost."

Not sure we agree with the selection of accompanying photo for the review - we would have much preferred the above thud-worthy photo, which was taken by Nobby Clark.

More Glowing Reviews for Henry IV

More Glowing Reviews for Henry IV

They haven't even had press day yet - that is July 27th - but there are already some great reviews being posted about the play and Tom's performance.  Here are a couple of them:

WIltshire Gazette & Herald

"Tom Mison subtley matures from irresponsible youth to King in the course of the action.

He and David Yelland (Henry) share a poignant and memorable scene which begins as a father-son row on Henry’s deathbed and ends in reconciliation as Henry hands the crown to his son.

The set is amazing with complementary lighting.

There is not a weak link in the large cast, of whom many play multiple roles."


This is Bath:

"Sir Peter and Shakespeare gives us an insight in meticulous detail into a country torn this way and that by violent struggles in the run up to first the death of Henry IV and then the taking of the crown by the once reckless Prince Hal, beautifully played by Tom Mison."


Photo Credit:  Nobby Clark


Reviews Trickle In for Henry IV

Reviews Trickle In for Henry IV

This person loved the play and Tom:

"Good production with excellent performances from Ben Mansfield (Hotspur) and Tom Mison (Prince Hal), good from the rest of the cast although I thought Phillip Voss a little camp as Worcester and Katie Lightfoot not really with it as Hotspur's wife (but it's not much of a part, just a cipher for Hotspur's priorities). David Yelland as the king started off poorly but came on well. Good set well lit. It's the first serious Shakespeare I've seen in a while and it's re-whetted my appetite for the form.

Part of the summer Peter Hall Company season of rep plays and is on again and again over the next few weeks. Well worth seeing if you can get to the Theatre Royal Bath."

This one was accompanied by the fantastic photo above.

"All in all it was a thoroughly polished performance, enlivened by technically and artistically brilliant stage design, which kept up the pace with seamless scene changes."