Watchmen: Tom Talks Episode 8



Hopefully you all watched through to the end of the credits of Watchmen's 8th and penultimate first season episode,  "A God Walks into Abar." The episode itself answered a lot of questions about how Adrian Veidt came to be on Europa (courtesy of Dr. Manhattan), how there came to be life on one of Jupiter's moons (also courtesy of Dr. Manhattan) and, importantly to us, how the clones came to be and who they were modeled after. The post credit scene set us up for a spectacular finale next week and, seemingly, finally a concrete answer about just why that horseshoe keeps popping up.

Tom spoke with THR regarding the episode and reveals that they shot the scene between the Game Warden and Veidt different ways, and when it wasn't in the episode, he was worried they cut it -- only to find it had the unique post credits spot. During the flashback to Jon's childhood, for the first time in the series, Tom and Sara were finally able to play someone fully human. "There's something missing from the Phillipses and Crookshankes. When we were going into the Lord and Lady of the Manor scenes, we found that to be a really important distinction to find. Hopefully when you watch our performances, we're definitely people, definitely human." You can read the full interview here.

One very crucial piece of information in the interview - Tom confirms that he does appear in Watchmen's final episode. Phew. Now, just which of the many he's played in the series will we see?


Photo by Colin Hutton/HBO


Watchmen: Behind the Scenes


Thanks to director and executive producer Nicole Kassell, we have a behind the scene photo of Tom from the Watchmen shoot that took place in September and October of last year.



All the scenes with Jeremy Irons (Adrian Veidt/Ozymandias), Sara Vickers (Ms. Crookshanks), Tom (Mr. Phillips/Game Warden) and their respective clones were shot at Penrhyn Castle in Bangor, Wales. It looks like a beautiful place to visit, if you find yourself in that part of the world.


The Laterals: Interview and Photo Spread



Tom is currently featured on in a stunning photo spread, with an accompanying interview.

In the interview, Tom chats about what makes a hero (shout out to Greta Thunberg), electric cars, the very British pastime of taking the piss ("the streets are paved with irony"), and what's making him happy right now. Well worth a gander.


Photos by Matthew Priestley


Wales Comic Con: Tom Added as Guest



Wales Comic Con has announced that Tom will be appearing both days of the Con, December 7th and 8th. Details about photo ops and autographs are not yet available, but will be posted as soon as they are. You can purchase tickets to the event on the Wales Comic Con website.

Tom is an absolute gem at these events, so if you are fan and are able to make it there, you will be in for quite a treat.