See: Episode 3 Available to Stream



The latest episode of See is now available for streaming. Below is the summary for the episode entitled "This Land is Your Land":

Wren arrives in Pennsa and shares information about Tormada’s plans. Tamacti Jun tries once more to quell the Witchfinders’ insurgency.

Lord Harlan also keeps trying to avoid war through diplomacy (and sarcasm) with the Trivantian ambassador.


See: Season 3 Premiere



Episode one of the third and final season of See is now available to stream on Apple TV+.

Lord Harlan continues his political machinations, while a former lieutenant of Edo Voss arrives on the scene with game-changing tools to carry out his plans of domination. The offical episode synopsis:

Baba embraces life in the mountains as hatred for the sighted grows in Pennsa. A Trivanitan scientist develops a terrifying new weapon.

This final season has 8 episodes, available weekly on Fridays.

See: Season 3 Trailer


The trailer for season 3 of See has been released. Tom returns as Lord Harlan, who can be seen ominously declaring to Maghra in one scene, "You know in your heart what needs to be done." Prepare for a season just as full of suspense, intrigue and brutality as the first two.

The official season 3 synopsis:

“See” is set in a brutal and primitive future, hundreds of years after humankind has lost the ability to see. In season three, almost a year has passed since Baba Voss (Jason Momoa) defeated his nemesis brother Edo and bid farewell to his family to live remotely in the forest. But when a Trivantian scientist develops a new and devastating form of sighted weaponry that threatens the future of humanity, Baba returns to Paya in order to protect his tribe once more.



See returns for its final season, premiering on August 26th on Apple TV+.

Happy Birthday, Tom!


Everyone give it up for the guy who has it all -- talent, intelligence, wit, and devlish good looks. Not only that, he is a deeply decent human being who deserves all the good things in the world. Tom turns 40 years old today, and it looks amazing on him. Happy birthday, you magnificent bastard.