Congratulations on Posh's Spectacular Run!

Congratulations on Posh's Spectacular Run!

The last performance of Posh at the Royal Court Theatre is this evening.  We want to congratulate the whole cast on their fantastic, highly acclaimed sold-out run!!  Well done, boys!

More Posh Reviews

More Posh Reviews

*Photo by the talented and generous Elliott Franks*


There have been many reviews both in the press and by bloggers.  Here is a sampling:

Kate Bassett at the Independent says:

"In Lyndsey Turner's superbly cast ensemble production, nine young toffs and their feckless president, Tom Mison's James, descend on a gastro pub in the Oxfordshire countryside."


Susannah Clapp reviews it in the Guardian:

"Wade gives her cast (all excellent and one, Joshua McGuire, still at Rada) an abrasive, expletive-laden lingo, studded with catchphrases and the occasional canny coinage."


From The New Statesman:

"The puerile pups themselves are beautifully realised. Caricatures they may be, but they are drawn with near-fondness, and played with relish by the cast, who are almost pitch-perfect."


Blogger Review - Postcards from the Gods (very spoilery!)

"Indeed, the cast should figure on the New Year’s Honours list for services to The Posh. Along with the three non-U parts, the ten chaps are quite outstanding. The full line-up press shot did them a disservice, making them look like an identikit roll-call of Gap models. In fact, the play shows off ten very individual young actors each of whom is possessed of a frankly disgusting amount of talent, a great singing voice and oodles of charisma. Moreover, in terms of the play, they are all pretty much spot-on casting."

The Financial Times gave it 4 out of 5 stars!


The London Evening Standard gives it 4 stars and says:

"The swanky horseplay, repellent yet fascinating, is brilliantly acted, while Lyndsey Turner’s skilful direction means there’s never a dull moment."


Several members of the forum also saw it and gave Tom rave reviews!




The Posh Reviews!

The Posh Reviews!

Lots of acclaim coming in for Posh - here's what we've rounded up so far:

The Telegraph gives 4 stars:

"Lyndsey Turner directs a superbly assured and acted production that moves from uneasy laughter ... to something altogether darker and nastier."

"Among the cast, Leo Bill as the most malign and hate-filled of the gang, David Dawson as a suave gay member, Richard Goulding as a genuinely likeable aristo and Tom Mison as the president who is beginning to loathe his own club are particularly memorable." gives it 5 stars!

"Scabrously funny, disgustingly smug, and deeply disturbing, Laura Wade’s brilliant new play Posh shows a group of public school rich boys behaving badly in an Oxfordshire private dining club and lamenting their loss of a country they think they both own and created."

"Tom Mison as the secret banker... also shine(s) in a hand-picked cast that do wonderful injustice to the play of the year so far and a fantastic Court follow-through to Jerusalem and Enron."


The Stage likes it too:

"With its excellent music, thanks to James Fortune, and sharply-drawn climaxes, this is a satirical, humorous and finally chilling view of the upper classes - and a really fine metaphor for our times."

Press Night for Posh!

Press Night for Posh!

Tonight was Press Night for Posh at the Royal Court Theatre and we are lucky enough to have gotten several photos of Tom at the after party courtesy of Dan Wooller.  Start here and click your way through all of them!