Sam Bern from the Dead Cat production, tweeted about a recent camera test, involving Tom which has been uploaded to the Dead Cat website.

Dead Cat - 5D Test from Ben Hilton on Vimeo.


The production team are also trying to raise money for the film, so if you feel able to donate anything at all (the price of a cup of tea is much appreciated I believe) then please do so here using the very easy and secure paypal.



Still can't get the video to work for me -- but at least I culd get a clear look at that close up at the beginning. **thud**

Got it working!

Totally worth the wait!

Couldn't figure out where I'd seen the other actor -- knew him and his voice -- looked him up on IMDb and realized it's Edmund Sparkler from Little Dorrit! Loved him in LD! Great start to the cast with those two.