More Posh Reviews

*Photo by the talented and generous Elliott Franks*


There have been many reviews both in the press and by bloggers.  Here is a sampling:

Kate Bassett at the Independent says:

"In Lyndsey Turner's superbly cast ensemble production, nine young toffs and their feckless president, Tom Mison's James, descend on a gastro pub in the Oxfordshire countryside."


Susannah Clapp reviews it in the Guardian:

"Wade gives her cast (all excellent and one, Joshua McGuire, still at Rada) an abrasive, expletive-laden lingo, studded with catchphrases and the occasional canny coinage."


From The New Statesman:

"The puerile pups themselves are beautifully realised. Caricatures they may be, but they are drawn with near-fondness, and played with relish by the cast, who are almost pitch-perfect."


Blogger Review - Postcards from the Gods (very spoilery!)

"Indeed, the cast should figure on the New Year’s Honours list for services to The Posh. Along with the three non-U parts, the ten chaps are quite outstanding. The full line-up press shot did them a disservice, making them look like an identikit roll-call of Gap models. In fact, the play shows off ten very individual young actors each of whom is possessed of a frankly disgusting amount of talent, a great singing voice and oodles of charisma. Moreover, in terms of the play, they are all pretty much spot-on casting."

The Financial Times gave it 4 out of 5 stars!


The London Evening Standard gives it 4 stars and says:

"The swanky horseplay, repellent yet fascinating, is brilliantly acted, while Lyndsey Turner’s skilful direction means there’s never a dull moment."


Several members of the forum also saw it and gave Tom rave reviews!