The Posh Reviews!

Lots of acclaim coming in for Posh - here's what we've rounded up so far:

The Telegraph gives 4 stars:

"Lyndsey Turner directs a superbly assured and acted production that moves from uneasy laughter ... to something altogether darker and nastier."

"Among the cast, Leo Bill as the most malign and hate-filled of the gang, David Dawson as a suave gay member, Richard Goulding as a genuinely likeable aristo and Tom Mison as the president who is beginning to loathe his own club are particularly memorable." gives it 5 stars!

"Scabrously funny, disgustingly smug, and deeply disturbing, Laura Wade’s brilliant new play Posh shows a group of public school rich boys behaving badly in an Oxfordshire private dining club and lamenting their loss of a country they think they both own and created."

"Tom Mison as the secret banker... also shine(s) in a hand-picked cast that do wonderful injustice to the play of the year so far and a fantastic Court follow-through to Jerusalem and Enron."


The Stage likes it too:

"With its excellent music, thanks to James Fortune, and sharply-drawn climaxes, this is a satirical, humorous and finally chilling view of the upper classes - and a really fine metaphor for our times."