Follow the Posh Boys and other Posh News

We've got several bits of Posh news to share! 

In addition to being able to follow Tom on Twitter (@TomMison), you can now also follow two other cast members.  Harry Hadden-Paton, who plays Harry Villiers, can be found on Twitter as @haddockpate.  Henry Lloyd-Hughes, who plays Dimitri Mitropoulos in Posh, is @MatineeIdle

@Haddockpate was lovely enough to post 3 photos from rehearsals with Tom in them.  The first one is the Posh boys at fencing practice - impressive looking group!  This one is a bit out of focus, but gorgeous nonetheless.  And this one is Tom making like a rock star, practicing his room trashing!

An article about Posh, and its writer Laura Wade, was posted on Times Online recently.  It doesn't mention Tom, but offers a lot of background information about the play and some of the politics behind it.