Slingers Update

Look for a nice, big, tasty article about Slingers in the April issue of SFX Magazine.  You can see a scan of it on show creator Sizemore's blog.  The article states: 

"Right now we're looking at a shortlist of showrunners and we continue to talk to one network in particular that wants to make Slingers," he continues.  "We're in the process of putting all that together and we hope to starts shooting this year.  The great thing is that it is in very good shape and very close to finding a home."

Over on production company Sleepydog's blog, there was a blog entry with this fantastic quote about Tom's character Frank:

"Slingers was built around it characters first and foremost. If you like them then you’ll follow them anywhere. Luckily the setting and the technology that forms the backdrop makes for some interesting situations, but as Toby is fond of saying, if you follow Frank into a bar for a quiet drink something is going to happen. He’s just that kind of guy."

And finally, for those fans who frequent LiveJournal or other forums and enjoy a nicely made icon, lookie here for some made by the talented Deepfishy.