Thank Yous from Creators for Huge Slingers Response

Both the show's creator, Sizemore (aka Mike Atherton) and the production company, Sleepydog, have posted their thanks for such a fantastic response to their 3 minute Slingers teaser trailer.   The response seems to have helped their status with the networks and all who they are talking to about getting Slingers on the air - and even the comments that have been left where the video is posted have been put on those executives' desks.  There will certainly be news with the new year as to how they are going to proceed - we have even heard talk of skipping the pilot stage and going right to air!

You can find Sizemore's blog entry here and Toby Moores' from Sleepydog here.  And don't forget to go here to become a fan of Slingers on Facebook!