The reviewer from Seacoast Online had this to say:

THE CONTINUING AND LAMENTABLE SAGA OF THE SUICIDE BROTHERS: Often the major issue with films at small — or even some big — festivals isn't the script or acting as much as the production quality. It can cost a lot to make a good-looking film. Production value (and, apparently, money) was not a problem for "The Suicide Brothers," a quirky short film directed by the Brownlee Brothers and written by the two main stars, Rupert Friend and Tom Mison.

Such a surreal and stunning production. Unquestionably the most gorgeous film about incompetent suicide attempts on the market. (Don't act like there isn't a whole genre of them — see "Lucky," above.) Also stars Keira Knightley — Friend's g-friend — as the Tinkerbell-esque fairy godmother who crackles and flickers like a busted Christmas light. Executive produced by our own Chase Bailey, who worked with Friend on "The Libertine." I loved this funny little film. I want to see more from Arran and Corran Brownlee.