In anticipation of tonight's Opening/Press Night, the Donmar Warehouse has released production photos of The Way of the World, and I think you'll agree -- they are pretty spectacular. Head to the galleries to see these as well as previously released photos from the rehearsal room.

The play runs through May 26th. There is limited availability on tickets right now, but they do release returns and newly available blocks, so even if you've not had luck for a certain night, keep checking back.


Photos by Johan Persson


glad to see him "stretching"

Glad to see him playing the ethically challenged guy and showing his range. 

He looks creepy in that make up though.

and i am sure that is the point and Tom's reviews look very good.


Tom Mison

So very glad Tom is performing again!!!    Miss the beard though.

So exciting! Can't wait to

So exciting!

Can't wait to see it.

Cast photos

What a hugely different character from Ichabod Crane! Love the richness of the costumes. I'm so glad he's back on stage!