We learn lots of interesting things as Tom takes EW's Personality Test, like his first celebrity crush, his go-to karaoke song and which horror movie scene freaks him out.  You can view it here.

He also drops some hints about what we can expect from tonight's finale:

• Attention, Ichabbie fans! There will be a few moments that can be ”hijacked by the shippers,” Mison says:“I’d never heard the term ‘shipping’  before [this show],” he admits, with a laugh. “I had to Google it. I thought people were insulting us. ‘Tom Mison — ship. ‘It’s like, ‘I beg your pardon.’ But it’s good apparently.”

• We’ll hear more about Jeremy, Ichabod and Katrina’s son, who had his heart stopped by Katrina’s coven and was buried: Like us, Mison was surprised that the death of Jeremy’s Golem was such a tearjerker in episode 110: “Who’d have thought that you’d get emotional about, basically, a 6½-foot turd in a little loin cloth,” Mison says, laughing again. “We had brilliant special effects makeup, and I was surprised at how moving Derek Mears, who’s inside the costume and also reappears as Moloch [in the season finale], was. You can see his performance through half an inch of makeup, which is very difficult — hearing those pathetic little noises he made as he was lying down on a freezing floor in the middle of the carnival.”

• We’ll be exhausted after watching it: “I was exhausted reading it,” Mison says. “Almost every page there’s a massive revelation. It’s one of the most exciting scripts I’ve read for ages. And, of course, there’s large elements of the ridiculous within it.” Adds Jones, “What’s fun about it is, you’ll feel a little bit the way you felt through the pilot: Some parts you’re laughing, some parts you’re scared, some parts you’re trying to figure out what’s gonna happen, and then a left turn happens that doesn’t really seem like a left turn,” he says. “Nobody knows where it’s going. And it’s right in front of you. And you missed it. It’s literally there, and you’re all guessing wrong. I love it.”