Monday's show promises to be filled with Sleepy Hollow's own brand of creepy goodness when Ichabod's ex-fiance, played by Heather Lind (Turn), comes to visit. The promo for the episode is embedded below:

The Hollywood Reporter also has an exclusive clip from the show, featuring Caroline the re-enactment girl, played by Laura Spencer (Lizzie Bennet Diaries). Apparently Ichabod's charms fully translate to the 21st century, and Betsy Ross is not the only one forward enough to express their...admiration.

Marisa Roffman, from, shared another clip of her interview with Tom from this past summer, in which Tom discusses this episode and what ramifications his (and Katrina's) past has in the present.

Make sure to watch "The Weeping Lady" on Monday at 9/8c!