Sadly, the second season of Sleepy Hollow is over and our Mondays are back to being just plain, old yucky Mondays for now. A few post mortem interviews have been posted in which Tom talks about the twists and turns of the last few episodes of Season 2, and what we might expect for a Season 3 of the show. Kim Roots of TVLine, Marisa Roffman of GiveMeMyRemote and Laura Prudom of Variety all had a chat with him, and got his thoughts about how Ichabod can move forward after the shocking events of Awakening and Tempus Fugit. FOX also posted a video of Tom and Mark Goffman talking about the ramifications of the finale's events, which is embedded for you below:



A bonus video was also posted on - the full selfie video that we saw a snippet of in the finale:



Not sure which is more adorable - “I et a plate of waffles” or “We must Tumble it!” Definitely a toss up.

To ease the pain just a little of there being no more Sleepy Mondays for now, FOX is re-airing episodes on Saturdays at 9 pm/8c, with the extra creepy Pittura Infamante up next this Saturday, March 14th. Make sure to watch (with the lights on, of course), and join in on Twitter during the show using the hashtag #RenewSleepyHollow.