Sleepy Hollow Renewed for Second Season!

Sleepy Hollow has been picked up for a second season! 

It looks like Fox is sticking with its 13 episode plan - the show will air mostly uninterrupted for the 13 episodes this year, then be followed by The Following come (most likely) January.  The order for next year is 13 episodes as well.

Congratulations to everyone involved - the cast, the crew, producers, writers - job well done to you all! And maybe a little extra special congratulations to Tom, who has, in no small part, made Sleepy Hollow the must see show of the season!


Sensible decision

I'm far happier seeing them keep to 13 episodes per season. That prevents the quality dropping. American series of 22 episodes are ridiculous.  You can always tell that by around the 15 the episode the energy is dipping and the plots get sillier and sillier. It also lets Tom do other work and stop him getting bored with the same role. This is a great decision by Fox.

Re: Sensible decision

Oh, don't get me wrong.  I agree with all the points you've made.  I'm just hoping the series doesn't lose momentum during the hiatus due to Americans not being accustomed to limited series.

I've long wished American TV had shorter seasons for most programs.  They do get thin plot-wise and prevent actors from doing other interesting projects during the year.  Shorter seasons would also help bring more ideas to the small screen and perhaps give quirky, non-traditional, risk-taking, and smarter shows a better chance.

But Americans are easily distracted and have short memories.  I hope Sleepy Hollow survives the fickleness of American viewers.

Limited series

I'm glad Sleepy Hollow has been renewed, but Americans aren't accustomed to recurring limited series.  Hopefully, Fox will continue to promote the show heavily at the beginning of each season so the viewers don't forget about it.  If a show disappears halfway through a normal TV season (22 episodes), then Americans tend to think it's been canceled.