Who knew we'd see John Noble on Sleepy Hollow again? But as it turns out, against all odds, he returns as Henry Parrish tonight in "The People vs. Ichabod Crane."



Anyone else get a chill from his "Hello, Father," or just me?

According to Marisa Roffman at TVInsider, the idea of John coming back actually came from the actors themselves. Reunited at MCM Comic Con in London last year, they started chatting about working together on the show again and John said "'Sure, to do work with you, I’d love to." Tom brought it to the powers that be and was clearly successful in pitching the idea. Not only is John back tonight, but he will return later in the season as well. Watching Ichabod and Henry face off is always a treat, but finding out how they managed to bring the character back is equally intriguing.

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