Tom was in NYC to promote Sleepy Hollow-een with a press event at the St. Mark's Greenmarket on Tuesday. There were plenty of reporters on hand to interview Tom and castmate John Noble (Henry Parish), as well as a nice turnout of fans to watch the proceedings. The two obviously enjoy each other's company, as they goofed around with the pumpkins and fielded questions.

Kim and Sage from Head Over Feels were on hand to cover the event, and have posted their interview. They only got a chance to ask a few questions before Tom was whisked away to his appearance on the Letterman show, but as always, they delivered some great stuff:

Kim: Tom, since Ichabod is such a man of honor…

Tom Mison: (nods enthusiastically) Mmmmmhmmm.

Kim: With Katrina having compromised HER honor in his eyes…how do you think that’s going to affect their relationship going forward? How does he feel about Katrina now that he knows all of this about her?

Tom Mison: Well there have been revelations about her deceit trickling through for a while now.  (Counts off on his fingers) She knew he was a witness.  She fought alongside Washington as a spy…didn’t tell him.  She is a witch…didn’t tell him.  And they build and build to the point…

You can read the rest of his answer to that on their website here. As always, they asked great questions and Tom and John gave really thoughtful answers.

Lots of lovely photos from the event can be found in the galleries.