Sleepy Hollow


No one could play Ichabod as

No one could play Ichabod as well as you!  Fabulous, one of my favorite shows!  I am hoping for a renewal......


Perfect character for Tom Mison!!!  Tom does an excellent job on the show in addition to being handsome!!!! NM

sleepy hollow

I love you sleepy hollow. Keep up the great work.

I love it!

Actors are amazing, but the story is excellent! So much fun but also a lot of emotions :)

Crane and Abbie are great combination, just love them :D

I'm soo excited for the next season! LOVE FROM CROATIA!

Sleepy Hollow

Sleepy Hollow is about the best show on the Fox Channel that I have ever watched. Tom  Mison does an EXCELLENT job of portraying "Ichabod Crane" and the rest of the cast are superb. I hope and pray that it is renewed for a third season!

LOVE this show!!! And Ichabod!

There hasn't been a show on TV that I absolutely MUST watch!!  It is so well written.  It keeps me on the edge of the chair.  It's an amazing cast that was put together!  And the humor is spot on.

I hope the show continues to be renewed. 

Thanks for a great show!

Oh Tom...

You have the best lines on the show and deliver them brilliantly. When the modern world slaps you in the face (i.e. yoga, ball point pens, banks and pastry taxes), I just find your reaction utterly amusing and literally cackle at the TV. Thank you for bringing some joy to my mundane way of life. Oh, by the way, you are a skilled and brilliant actor...just wait for it...

Oh, and thank you for providing your signature during this year's Paley Fest in Los Angeles. You signed my ticket stub and your face upon receipt was priceless.

A fan...

This is the best show. Love

This is the best show. Love season 2. Can't wait for Monday nights to come.
Keep up the great work.

Sleepy Hollow

Crane is the best character you've ever played. You should keep this look and this personality forever... Just kidding maybe the look but you have to be yourself.. The show without you and Nicole as main lead would be just freaky and boring. I'm still waiting for some romance between you two unless you don't like it (Don't listen to me I'm just a fan).

I hope in your next show or movie you still keep the hair and beard arrrgh :) Can't wait to see what happens next :)

Best New Show!

Tom  Mison has  to  the sexiest man alive today.  Sleepy Hollow gets the award  for best tv show.  Dream about meeting Tom.

Yummy !

sleeply hollow

Tom's voice is enchanting especially with the old English type of accent - so believable in this portrayal of someone from another century coming back and the others Characters Abi and her sister also led to a fantastic cast - great to see black actresses in lead parts - the series has gripped me from beginning to end making it more popular to me than supernatural with it's leads into all things we know like the bible - prophecy - but also into things from hell etc. it has been like a rollercoaster ride for me and it is better than the movie by far. thanks to all the people involved in this series including great script writers

Every woman has a "list"; Tom

Every woman has a "list"; Tom is #1 on mine......the hair, the tone of his voice, his smile..and those eyes...YUMMY

You play the character so well, I believe he is from the 1700’s.

Tom, you play the character so well, I believe he is from the 1700’s.

Very nice portrayal, I hope you win an award to recognize this work.


Tom is a wonderful actor.  I love his portrayal of Ichobad Crane.  I think every woman in America is in love with this man...LOL

I am in love

I am in love

Truely enjoy Sleepy Hollow

I had basically given up on TV for several years now.  No matter how well a show started, it wouldn't hold my interest for long.  Sleepy Hollow is a joy to watch, I do hope that you have just as much fun, if not more, making it.  The emotional impact is felt perfectly with each character, though I do have to admit I'm not sure I would enjoy it as much without you playing Ichabod Crane.  You give the character such wonderful presence and range, it seems so real and pulls at your heart strings.  Thank you for a wonderful performance.  I look forward to watching more, I also look forward to more of your work in other areas of the entertainment profession.  Thank you again, smile, enjoy, and know you are appreciated.

Dearest Thanks,



Exactly what I was thinking.  Finally, a show that keeps me interested for more than three episodes.

Sleepy Hollow

Love, love, love Sleepy Hollow.  It's my favorite new show of the season (along with Blacklist with James Spader, which is wickedly good).  While not as scary as The Walking Dead (another favorite), it's incredibly funny and all the Tom Mison's credit.  His delivery is impeccable.  Tom and Nicole are perfectly matched as are their characters--the best duo to come along since Scully and Muldar.  Can't wait to see not only how the story develops but how their relationship evolves.  What I've seen so far has been fantastic.  Tom is definitely the break-out TV star of the year.  That voice, the accent, and those piercing blue eyes...and talent to boot; he can actually act.  Delighted to know the show films in Charlotte.  Here's hoping I bump into Tom some time!  Maybe on a dark road?  

Hi, just wanted to say..

Hi!, I just wanted to say that the show is actually shot in Wilmington, NC.  I live in North Carolina, a bit north of Wilmington.  The show is amazing, I totally agree. The acting is excellent, stories are engaging and the whole look of the show and effects are great! I also agree that I might not have enjoyed the show as much if Tom hadn't played the role. I think we will definitely be seeing more of him, because of this breakout role.  But, I do hope the show will last I while, it's one of the few shows on tv that I really enjoy. (along with GOT, TWD, DA)  I can't wait till it comes back in Jan!

Maybe she didn't read all the

Maybe she didn't read all the headlines, but the first episode alone was filmed in Gastonia/Charlotte with the remainder shot in Wilmington area.... ;)

Tom Mison

Tom is a fresh hot face guy

50 Shades of Grey

Hands down - bar none, I think Tom would make the perfect Christian Grey for the movie adaptation.


I didn't even think of Tom doing 50 Shades, but the prospect sounds delicious!


mmmm, that would give many a woman tingles all over

... and some men as well

Perfect 50 shades

I agree! He is 50 alright!!!

Tom Mison is SUPERB as Ichabod Crane!!!!

Tom Mison is the BEST actor to hit TV screens in the USA in decades!!!  I watch "Sleepy Hollow" TWICE every week and I also go to Comcast's website to watch the episodes yet again...I can't get enough of this EXCELLENT program!!! His acting is made even greater by a SUPER supporting cast, especially by Nicole Beharie, (as Lt. Abbie Mills).  "Sleepy Hollow" is a perfectly executed mix of suspense, romance, action, superstition, and even American History.  Thanks to "Sleepy Hollow" I've researched lots of the elements presented in all of the episodes so far and I've learned lots of new information. I hope Tom Mison will eventually read the many posts on this site so he knows just how truly talented he is. I changed my "Favorite Actor" choice from Tom Hanks to Tom Mison...yes...Tom Mison is THAT GOOD!!!  Keep up the EXCELLENT portrayal of Ichabod Crane.



P.S. I almost forgot...the humor is this well-written & well-acted masterpiece is spot-on!!!

You wrote my own words,

You wrote my own words, thoughts and actions. I also repeat the chapters. Humor is the center of the genius of the script.

Sleepy Hollow

Best show I've seen in years, and Mr. Mison is perfect in every way!

Reply to comment | Tom Mison

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Yummy, with a spoon!

Absolutely gorgeous, tall, intense, piercing eyes, British accent.

Gorgeous.  Can't wait to see him bloom.


AGREE AGREE AGREE.....He is yummy with a spoon!!

Awsome new show - go FOX

I very much enjoyed the first two shows and eagerly await the next installments. Tom is HOT HOT HOT! Always thought of this character as an old ugly character but Tom breathes new life in to an old tale. This show is right up there with Once Upon a Time and I hope we have many seasons to look forward to!

Loved Sleepy Hollow

Stumbled across this by accident, but I am hooked!!!! Loved the historical aspect, story arc, and cast.  I've actually walked the cemetery at the Old Dutch Church alone in the wee hours of an misty autumn night....wouldn't do it again after seeing this show (except if I seriously thought I might run into Tom!!)

Sleepy Hollow

I totally and absolutely enjoyed the 1st episode of Sleepy Hollow!  It had mystery, drama, humour and beautiful chemistry between lead characters.  And of course it was such a pleasure to watch Tom and to listen to him talk with that clear and precise British accent.  He is entirely believable as a 200 year old Colonial soldier.  I am hanging out for episode 2.


I was looking forward to this show for a while. OMG!!! Tom is soooo HOOOOOOOT!!! Who's with me?

Yummy with a spoon.  Perfect

Yummy with a spoon.  Perfect argument for cloning!

oh yes


Me too

He is a dream. And funny.

Loved the show! Looks to be

Loved the show! Looks to be very exciting & historical with a twist of frightening fantasy. I recall driving thru Sleepy Hollow, the road was so dark & creepy & you couldn't see ANYTHING! That was a so-called 'short cut' we were told to take as we got lost in NYC on the return home from Great Adventure in NJ! To this day, I can't imagine how that man knew of that 'short cut'.  Very strange.

Liz T.



Perfect creep factor!

Makes me scream every time! And Tom is perfect.