Salmon Fishing in the Yemen Opens in North American Theaters Today

This long awaited film finally gets its release, albeit limited, in the US and Canada today.  Ewan and Emily have been making the rounds of all the talk shows to publicize the movie - hopefully they are raising awareness of the movie enough to get a wider release soon.  There has also been a deluge of reviews.  Here is a sampling:

Rolling Stone

"...McGregor and Blunt have charm to spare and the no-bull instinct to cut to the heart of a scene. In the Dead Sea of Hollywood formula, their film is a distinct delight, brimming over with spirit and surprise."


Rex Reed in the NY Observer

"’s a spirited, eloquent film—delightfully offbeat, deliciously different and well worth investigating."


Washington Post

"...this adaptation of Paul Torday's novel turns out to be a surprisingly lush, endearing little film, in which a swelling sense of romanticism thoroughly banishes even the most far-fetched improbabilities"