The Rake magazine has featured Tom in it's October issue with a pretty spectacular array of photos of Tom wearing a variety of gorgeous suits and one beautiful cashmere turtleneck, as well as an interview. This may be Tom's first published interview in quite some time, and it's been even longer for a photoshoot, but this certainly makes up for that in spades. Additional images are in the galleries.

It's a short but excellent interview. The journalist, Ed Cummings, realizes quite soon what we already know -- that Tom "is about as charming as they come." He proceeds to query Tom about dropping out of drama school, his background being brought up in the London suburbs, and a bit about his stint in the play Posh. In the years since Sleepy Hollow, Tom has taken only a couple of well chosen roles, so it is interesting that he mentions in the interview that there was a point that he considered moving beyond acting. Luckily he re-discovered the joy of acting while playing the villain in a Restoration Comedy, of all things. Thank heavens for Fainall.

The Rake is available now on newstands in the UK, and will soon be available in the US (check out your local Barnes and Noble). The digital version is available now from Zinio.


Photos by Pip