New Interview and a Fan Encounter

Jessica, a very generous fan, has allowed me to post some photos she took at the Tumblr Meetup at SDCC over the weekend.  I asked if she could tell us a little bit about the experience:

"There was a Q&A at the Tumblr meetup. I told Tom that I'd seen him in the Suicide Brothers, and then he said, "Oh thank you, by the way everyone the Suicide Brothers is a short film I did, available on iTunes." Then I asked how the cast felt about the script and the book of Revelation. Tom said that the mythology of it was what attracted him to the project. Later on, I asked Tom for a photo, and I told him that I'd actually seen him in Lost in Austen first. He was very nice and very witty during the panel."

Thanks Jessica!!   Her photos (as well a bunch of additional photos from SDCC) have been uploaded to the Galleries.


Also, here is an excellent interview with Orlando, Nicole and Tom by