MCM BUZZ has posted a wonderfully thorough write up of the panel that Tom did on Saturday. It started off with questions about Sleepy Hollow and the changes that took place for Season 3. A topic that always seems to come up during these sessions is Ichabod's appearance, so Tom addressed the hair issue early on with typical wit:

“We moved to Atlanta where it’s 95% humidity. To get rid of that wig… that was a bit of a blessing,” said Mison, who was grateful that he was no longer having to wear the wig for Ichabod. “We discussed at the beginning of this season that there was a hair change. My performance is entirely based on hair in this show,” he explained, adding how having his hair cut showed that there was a definite change in Ichabod. “He’s killed his wife and his son. I’d always imagined that he’d cut it all off and went to Scotland. From the moment you see him, you know that it’s a different person. Who knew that hair could be so interesting? It’s not really, is it.”

Talk turned to whether Tom, who has written several pieces for stage and film, would be interested in writing or directing for the show. Time constraints make that tough he said, but when he went on to speak about the Bones crossover, he noted the power of a good DP (Director of Photography), which sounded like someone who just might interested in trying his hand at directing.

Another question that always pops up once they wrap up shooting is whether he will be able to take on any new projects during the hiatus. His answer was that he was not allowed to accept other work until they know whether the show is renewed (a decision which will come no later than mid May), and he's "had to turn down some rather nice things." Disappointing, but understandable.

The chat covered topics from his co-stars to what comic book character he'd like to play, and the take-away was mostly that Tom is looking for a role that will afford him a decent amount of sleep. Also understandable.


UPDATE: You can watch the first 9 minutes or so of this panel below, courtesy @isutxi: