Photo by Brownie Harris/FOX

Meredith Woerner from io9, whose set visit write-up was posted here earlier today, has now posted her interview with Tom.  She asks a lot of great questions about new character Nick Hawley and the new dynamic between all of the characters in Season 2, as well as how Ichabod is getting along with the 21st century these days:

Your quips in the series, for instance, "Oh, there's a Starbucks! Oh, is there a law?" Theses are things that people didn't really expect but really latched onto as the show progressed, especially with your personality. Are you ever worried worried about pushing it too far?

All the time.

Really? How do you handle that?

Not being so hammy. There is always a part of me that I have to battle against, that sees a brilliant joke and wants to gurn at the camera, give a little wink, do a Groucho Marx, "This is a gag!" And yes, it takes every ounce of strength I have to battle against that, because that would be terrible. It would ruin the show and everyone would hate me.

Is there any scene that you're particularly excited about having people see where you interact with modern technology?

There's a really good Abbie takes Crane to a coffee shop. It's funny that you mention Starbucks. You finally get to see him have a big, stupid frappemaccho whatsit, because he would only be used to the really strong, no milk, shot of grainy coffee. And it's good because it's a moment where he's absolutely against it. He's against the cost of it, the look of it, the name of it, but it's irresistible. I really like those moments where Crane is haughty, he's got a pole stuck up his ass and he melts, because he's charmed.

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