The highlight of Season 2 for Tom wasn't fighting a Gorgon or showing off his new driving skills in a Mustang - it was something a little more...dressed down. He recently told Marisa Roffman of GiveMeMyRemote:

“Give me Timothy Busfield (Ben Franklin), naked, and flying a kite, and I’m a happy man,” he laughed. “To explore Benjamin Franklin, what a treat!”

He goes on to say that he has even pitched an episode to the writers in which Ichabod pulls off a heist with Franklin and another Founding Father we met in Season 2, Thomas Jefferson (played by Steven Weber).

Tom also mentions his appreciation for the outpouring of fan support, including the Twitter campaign to #RenewSleepyHollow:

“It’s incredibly flattering,” he said. “I survived the shoot [of SLEEPY HOLLOW season 2], but I will say, I survived only just…it was particularly grueling, and long, and to see it’s paid off, that people still hold it very, very close to their hearts means an awful lot. To see a real outpouring of support, it makes it all worth it.”

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