Interview with Interview Magazine

Fantastic interview by Emma Brown with Tom in Interview Magazine, along with a gorgeous photo.  Here's an excerpt, about when Tom was shooting Salmon Fishing in the Yemen:

"LOST IN MOROCCO: We filmed in a place called Ouarzazate—enjoy spelling that—on the edge of the Sahara, between the Atlas Mountains and the Sahara. It's gorgeous. It's a small town that seems to have built itself on the fact that so many films are shot there; any film that needs a desert goes to Ouarzazate. Ridley Scott used it in Gladiator and Prometheus; Lawrence of Arabia was shot there.  Everyone speaks English. You turn up and suddenly lots of people run out of their houses and say, "I'm a props man!" or "I'm a camera man!" Everyone is involved somehow. I was lucky, I had a long week off, so I drove up through the Atlas Mountains and spent the weekend in Marrakesh. I got lost in the souk for two hours, I didn't have a map, my phone didn't have any signal, I was just wandering around trying to find... anywhere. I walked around a corner and realized I was probably somewhere I shouldn't be, and suddenly this 12-year-old boy appeared out of nowhere and said "Follow me, follow me." He legged it into the crowds, and I was trying to keep up with him, and he finally took me to where I wanted to be. I said, "Thanks very much," and he went "Uhh... no," so I gave him all of the change I had in my pockets, because I was very grateful. He looked at it and went "No. Paper." So I gave him a note, the cheeky bastard, and he looked at the note and said, "Oh, come on! This is shit." And ran off. I was not expecting that from this beautiful little Moroccan boy."

Photo by Rich Hardcastle