TVLine has posted a very entertaining, candid interview with Tom about tonight's Season 2 finale. With all that went down in last week's episode -- you know, his wife and his son trying to kill him, his work-wife getting sucked into a time travel vortex -- Ichabod is D O N E. In fact Tom was done too. '“I didn’t want Ichabod to plead with [Katrina],” he says. “I think there’s been so much of that. I got really bored of seeing a weak Ichabod.”' He goes on to talk about the cool callbacks to the pilot in last week's episode and playing 18th century Ichabod.

But no Sleepy Hollow interview with Tom is complete without the inevitable Ichabbie questions and his inevitably cheeky answers:

TVLINE | It goes along with the fact that there have been a lot of lines in the past few episodes reaffirming the Witnesses’ connection and why the way the two of them relate to each other is special.
Yeah, lots. [Laughs]

TVLINE | You can almost see the subtitles underneath: “Stay with us, fans. We’ve got this.”
[Laughs harder] Yeah, exactly. They belong together, whether it’s the 18th century or the 21st century or whatever century. Whether it’s in America or England. Wherever they were destined to meet, they will be together and they will be drawn to each other.

TVLINE | You know, when you say things like that, what people read into it.
Am I ‘shipping?

TVLINE | You are ‘shipping hard.
I have said nothing about romance. Ichabod’s britches are firmly on when I say that. [Laughs] Just because I said they’re drawn together doesn’t mean they’re going to roll around in 18th-century hay together.

He just can't help himself. 

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