Entertainment Weekly posted a little bonus for us on their site, about what show Tom would like to make a guest appearance on, if he had his choice. He chose one of his favorite shows, Game of Thrones:

Tom Mison: Yeah, whenever I hear about the Game of Thrones shoot, I always feel sorry for people like Kit Harington, who are in the freezing cold, snowy—I think they’re in Iceland or somewhere. [Ed. note: He's right.] Which is cool—I’d love to go to Iceland. But working in the snow, and then you get other people who are in Malta for three months…

EW: Sunning themselves on the shore.
Exactly. That’s why I’d rather be a Lannister.

You’ve sort of got the looks for it.

You’ve got the—
—the sinister look in my eyes? [Laughter]

The blue eyes. You look inbred, is what I’m trying to say.
Thank you very much, thanks. Weak ankles.

That’s a great way to start the interview.
Tell me I look inbred. Perfect. [Laughter]

Well, that was awkward. Worst start to an interview ever?

Make sure you pick up this week's issue of Entertainment Weekly with Tom's full interview, which is on newsstands today!