When the Sleepy Hollow cast and producers gathered for the PaleyFest panel, they had a chance to talk to Kristin Dos Santos from E! about what is coming up for season two of the show. One of the most important pieces of information EP Alex Kurtzman revealed was the show is slated for 15 episodes. "Right now we're planning 15 and we'll see if there's even more," he said. This is great news for Sleepy Heads, but will result in a longer shooting schedule, which, for Tom, means more time in the wig during those hot and humid North Carolina days. Dos Santos reports that Ichabod will definitely be keeping his long hair, even though it can get fairly unpleasant, as Tom explains:

"In the 90 degree heat and 90 percent humidity of North Carolina in summer, I can't tell you how nice it is to take that wig off," he explains. "One night actually, we were shooting in the forest and we took the wig off and we found five mosquitoes in the wig that had somehow found their way in and gone to town on my head and died in my wig. That's the glamour of television."

Season 2 will have some new characters, one of which might be a new love interest for Nicole Beharie's Abbie Mills. Sorry Ichabbie shippers! Beharie is on board with that, though Dos Santos says Tom 'is hoping for at least one Ichabbie kiss, but purely for scientific purposes, of course: "If we end up kissing, will people be outraged? It might be worth doing it just to see the Internet break."'

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