1883 Magazine Interview

1883 Magazine has published a wonderful interview with Tom, by Daniela Morosini, where he talks about shooting in Morrocco, hobbies, his dark sense of humor, and the Suicide Brothers, among other things.  There are also photos by Gabriel Green. 

Here's an excerpt:

"What was your back-up plan, if acting didn’t work out?

I never gave myself one, because then I’d be tempted to fall back on it. Every actor has a time when they’re not working. Luckily I got mine out of the way quite early. If I’d had a fall-back plan, I would have used it. I had a job in a pub for 10 days...was asked to leave for being too sarcastic to the locals, who I didn’t like, and they didn’t like me. I never wanted to be a waiter who was claiming to be an actor, too. But they’re probably brilliant, lots of them."