'Dead Cat' Hits the Film Festivals

The multi-award winning independent film Dead Cat continues to wow festival audiences around the world.  It recently screened in Mexico at the Oaxaca FilmFest and in the UK at the Cambridge Film Festival. Today, the film was seen at the Southhampton International Film Festival in the UK, and will be screened at 2:30pm at the Indie Spirit Film Festival in Colorado Springs in the US. 

In a few weeks, the film will be back in the States as part of the Naples International Film Festival, in Florida.  No schedule has been released yet, but the festival runs November 7th-10thCheck their website here, if you are interested in attending.

A really lovely review of the film was posted, in which they called Dead Cat "one of the funniest films in a long time." 

Whilst the love story between Michael and Kristen is a touching one which is full of intrigue about the past as well as hope for the future, it is surprisingly the relationship between Michael and his mates (Tim, Marco & Sam played beautifully by Tom Mison, Johnny Palmiero and Sam Bern) that is the real heart of the film. By using a group of real friends as the central performers, Stefan Georgiu and his co writer Sam Bern (who also stars) have a great foundation of naturally relaxed friendship on top of which to build their touching and hilarious script, allowing them to really push the sense of a group of “men’s men” who for all their bravado and blokey banter, have a friendship run through with a real love and caring for each other that only the oldest of friendships can have.

You can also listen to a glowing audio review of the film here.

I don't think I've read one bad review of this film, and am waiting very impatiently for some smart distributor to snatch it up and bring it to the wider audience it deserves!

Sleepy Hollow Renewed for Second Season!

Sleepy Hollow has been picked up for a second season! 

It looks like Fox is sticking with its 13 episode plan - the show will air mostly uninterrupted for the 13 episodes this year, then be followed by The Following come (most likely) January.  The order for next year is 13 episodes as well.

Congratulations to everyone involved - the cast, the crew, producers, writers - job well done to you all! And maybe a little extra special congratulations to Tom, who has, in no small part, made Sleepy Hollow the must see show of the season!

Ratings Stay Strong for Sleepy Hollow

Last night, Sleepy Hollow and the creepy Sandman logged a 3.0 rating in the A18-49 demo, down only 0.1 from last week.  With great chemistry between Ichabod and Abbie, action packed scripts, and great production values, not to mention some great promotion from Fox and savvy use of social media by many associated with the show, it is building a loyal fan base that is obviously tuning in week to week!

Sleepy Hollow Holds Its Own In 2nd Week Ratings

The ratings came in for "Blood Moon," last night's episode of Sleepy Hollow, and the show held up well against heavy competition from the other networks.  The show pulled an impressive 3.1/8 with 8.5 million viewers, down only slightly from last week's premiere.  Sleepy Hollow is looking like a hit!