Jadoo DVD Release Date Delayed

The UK DVD release date for Jadoo has been moved down a month from January 13th to February 17th.

Buy the Sleepy Hollow Theme on iTunes

The Sleepy Hollow theme music has been released by 20th Century Fox TV Records and can now be purchased on iTunes.  The music was composed by award winning composer Brian Tyler, known for his work on such notable projects as Iron Man 3 and Thor: The Dark World.  FilmMusicReporter.com reports that a full soundtrack album featuring selections of Tyler and co-composer Robert Lydecker's work for the show is planned.

HuffPost Interview with Sleepy Hollow Showrunner Mark Goffman

The Huffington Post has posted an interview with Mark Goffman, Sleepy Hollow Executive Producer and Showrunner, by Maureen Ryan.  She asks some terrific questions and Mark gives some excellent clarification of scenes from last night's episode and chats extensively about the production, story lines, mythology and the characters.  He had some wonderful things to say about Tom and Nicole:

Maureen: Obviously you cast two fine actors, but I’m sure you’ve been down this road, where you never really know what the chemistry is going to be like on the screen week after week, day after day. I mean, is there different things or different directions you went or things that you were allowed to do because Tom Mison and Nicole Beharie just have such natural chemistry both as individuals and then together as those two characters.

Mark Goffman: Yeah, from the first episode that I got to work on, I mean I think it was very apparent in the pilot, the writing and Len Wiseman’s directing really set that up beautifully and you could see it. But you’re right, that when you get into the day on day of the show and you are shooting with a lot less time and under different circumstances, is that going to continue? And, I mean, we really just caught lightning in a bottle with the two of them. I feel like we can give them anything, and we do. Whether it’s saying to Tom, can you sword fight? And he’s like, “actually yes, I was trained in that.” and then to be able to build an episode around the origin story of the Horseman with these great duels, is just a dream. And the same I think with Nicole, she has a warmth to her that is just…it’s mesmerizing. That, in this very tough character, is incredibly hard to pull off, and I feel like we definitely write towards that because she can emote and she can sympathize with people, but still you see how just how sharp her mind is.

If you have the time, listen to the whole interview, which is included in a podcast here.  Highly recommended.

EW Talks Yolanda With Writer Damian Kindler

EW has interviewed Damian Kindler to find out how the now iconic Yolanda (the On Star lady) scene from Sleepy Hollow's 4th episode came about.  It was such a well written scene, deftly handled by Tom as Ichabod, and Damian explains how it was written and how it also gives a lot of insight into Ichabod as a character:

And so I literally just thought, if Crane was waiting in a car and somehow he couldn’t unlock it, and he pressed the wrong button and a voice started speaking to him, he wouldn’t go, “Oh my God, it’s the Lord!” He’d be like, “Who is this?” I think as a person of an era where everything was very conversational, you can just imagine him introducing himself, and having a conversation, and then it going on beyond “do you need assistance” and into something else. I just thought it would be so funny to come in at the end of that conversation and have it be that of course because he’s such a charismatic and empathetic man, he’s helping improve this faceless person’s life. I literally just wrote “Farewell, Yolanda” because it felt funny. It felt like a name that you wouldn’t necessarily hear people say when they’re from the 18th century.

So it was just one of those ideas that fell out really quickly, and everyone really responded to it. Alex liked it. He worked with me on polishing it up — and also, you can write scenes like that when you’re working with an actor like Tom Mison, who you know will take it and not make it too goofy or too serious. He’ll find the perfect kind of grace notes. It was just one of those things that was very fortunate, that once the idea fell out and we realized how we wanted to execute it, that the network loved it, the actors thought it was great, and everyone really embraced it. And I didn’t realize that it was going to become this kind of touchstone scene at all.

Read the full interview here.