Sleepy Hollow: FOX 411


FOX 411 posted this fun piece about Sleepy Hollow in which Tom, Nicole and Lyndie chat about the upcoming season, including the Bones crossover that will air on Thursday, October 29th. There are a couple of little scoops in there about that episode as well as Abbie and Jenny's father, but the highlight has to be Tom, tongue firmly in cheek, talking about Ichabod and Abbie being flatmates, taking bubble baths together and watching Romy and Michele's High School Reunion together every night. Classic.




Dragon Con 2015: Sleepy Hollow Panel


Thanks to the lovely @CynaColorado, we have video of Saturday's panel from Dragon Con. Enjoy!






Daily Dragon: Man Out of Time



A wonderful new interview with Tom was posted by the Daily Dragon, Dragon Con's official news source. In it he has much to say about his process as an actor, about Shakespeare and even about his short film "Steve" and working with Colin Firth. He also mentions that he'd love to go back on stage again.

DD: Are you planning any new projects or maybe a return to the stage sometime soon?

TM: I’d really love to! The two hiatuses that we’ve had, it’s been really, really—it’s bummed me out a lot because I’ve had to turn down a lot of really good work because it clashed with the start of the next series. And that goes against every fiber of an actor’s being, to say no. There were some really exciting things there. I desperately miss the theatre. This is the longest time I’ve gone without doing a play. There’s one that my theatre company in London, that I’m involved with, a company called simple8, we have a show planned for the beginning of next year in London, which I might—we devised and wrote it—and I might go be in that if I can.

Very exciting news! When asked about his Twitter account disappearing, Tom confirms that it has only been deactivated, not deleted, because it was just too much of a distraction while he was working. At least that mystery is now solved.

To read the interview in its entirety, click through to the Daily Dragon.