Steve Barron has added a Slingers image slideshow to his "in production" list on his website. Sizemore has tweeted that he may dig out some more photos...keep an eye on his site.

Promo Image - Slingers

Promo Image - Slingers

Thank you to the Brownlee Brothers for allowing us to share the images.

The Suicide Brothers: in London Film Festival

Thanks to Mike Sizemore and Brownlee Brothers updating their website and twitter, we now know that the film has been accepted for the London Film Festival.

They have also added some background to Slingers along with a couple of new photos of Tom, from The Suicide Brothers and from Slingers.

Check it all out on the Brownlee Brothers website.

Slingers: track recording

According to Tom and The Mummers on Twitter, a new track is being recorded for the sizzler by The Mummers.