Slingers Update

Sizemore has blogged that all systems are still go for Slingers.  You can read his post here for an update.

Slingers in Broadcast Now Magazine

Slingers was recently mentioned in Broadcast Now magazine, an industry publication.  You can read the full text here.

The best bit is the following:

"Writer Mike Atherton has attracted 3,000 followers on Twitter, where he regularly updates on the production, while Sleepydog’s blog offers behind-the-scenes stories and pictures. Barron is preparing a three-minute teaser, which is likely to debut online."

Needless to say, our fingers and toes are firmly crossed.

Slingers: Images on

Slingers: Images on

Sizemore has two more photos of Tom (and the rest of the cast) as well as some more detail about the project:

"The thing to remember is that all this is pre-pilot. Details will change and all the material we’ve blogged so far should not be considered truly representative of what the final sizzle reel will look like. The sizzle will in turn inform what needs tweaking for the pilot. But all this stuff so far is purely promotional or rough cut quality. We’re taking a few risks putting so much material out so early, but I push for this kind of thing working on other people’s projects so it would be a tad hypocritical not to give it a go on my own show."

Slingers: more images and background story

Slingers: more images and background story

Sleepydog have added more Slingers images to their website, with more background detail on the in production show. Read full details on the website.

Slingers is set in the year 2960 A.D., following mankind’s first interplanetary war. Humanity is now clustered into a finite, but still vast section of the universe known as Enclosed Space. Humanity won the war with an aggressive alien enemy, but at a cost. The way back to Earth is now cut off by an impassable barrier – a side effect of the blast that finally pushed the enemy back.

The show takes its name from a group of people thrown together on board an experimental spacecraft that is capable of Slinging itself to any point in space. In theory it’s the only craft capable of getting home. In reality the crew are using it to carry out a series of high tech heists and get even with those who are now exploiting their positions in the post war hierarchy.

Dominic ‘DM’ Monroe, a special ops war veteran becomes the de facto leader of this small team of thieves who rail against the decision by military command to just ‘stay where they are and make the best of it’. They’re determined to get home and if that means breaking a few rules and picking up a lot of enemies along the way then so be it.