Sleepy Hollow: New Merchandise Available on


Sleepy Hollow has opened up shop on, with a variety of official merchandise for the fans to choose from. In addition to the DVD's and books that were released previously, there are a couple of different t-shirts, prints of the main characters, coasters and a mug to put on them. Unfortunately, no Ichabod Crane action figure...yet.

MTV: ‘Sleepy Hollow’ Star Tom Mison Tells Us Why Ichabod ‘Wants Katrina, But Needs Abbie’

Interview with Tom by Shaunna Murphy. Read full interview here.

Sleepy Hollow: "Root of All Evil" Airs Tonight!


Who knew there would come a time when we would all be so happy to see Monday roll around? In tonight's episode, we will  meet Matt Barr's character, Nick Hawley, and see how he shakes things up with our demon fighting dream team. The question is, will Irving figure out that he just signed a contract with the Horseman of War in blood?

If you are watching the show live and use Twitter, make sure to follow the live tweeting of the cast, crew, writers and producers. You can find a listing of all the Sleepy Hollow related handles here. They are great about answering questions about the show and tweet out some great behind-the-scenes info that we'd never know otherwise. If you do tweet during the show, make sure to use the hashtag #SleepyHollow!

Below is a pretty spoilery summary of the episode, 3 clips and a promo to whet your appetite for tonight's show!

Episode 2.03 - Root of All Evil (06-Oct-2014)

When several usually benevolent citizens of Sleepy Hollow begin acting violently out of character, Crane comes to the conclusion that their sudden change in behavior is due to the introduction of a “Judas Coin”... a centuries old piece of mystical currency with the power to bring the previously dormant but decidedly deadly urges of its bearer to the fore. The Two Witnesses quickly determine that the coin’s presence in Sleepy Hollow can only be attributed to Henry Parish... but to what end? In order to get more information on the coin – and to aid in its retrieval – Jenny suggests that Crane and Mills seek out her acquaintance, Nick Hawley, a highly capable local adventurer and purveyor of rare and mystical artifacts. While Crane is at first reluctant to trust the seemingly self-serving soldier of fortune, the three form an uneasy alliance, leading them to the realization that Parish’s next intended victim is someone very close to them... one whose darkest thoughts – if left unchecked – could have deadly consequences for the pair.

Meanwhile, Jenny is released from jail and makes a startling discovery regarding the town’s new Sheriff and her involvement in another seminal event in the lives of the Mills sisters. And Katrina, who has remained a willing prisoner of the two Horsemen of the Apocalypse in the hopes she can learn more of their – and Moloch’s – evil plan, uses her close proximity in an attempt to drive a wedge between the two. And later, Crane visits Irving and informs him of his new lawyer’s true nature, but will the revelation be sufficient for the former police captain to resist the temptation of all that’s been promised?

Directed by JEFFREY HUNT


Sleepy Hollow: Can't Miss Videos

When they're not on the Sleepy Hollow set in Wilmington, NC, Tom and the rest of the cast are out publicizing the show by sitting down for interviews and shooting fun video bits. Some of the recent can't-miss ones are embedded here for your viewing pleasure below.





















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