"Sleepy Hollow has changed my life. It's delightful."

In this Monday, Jan. 13, 2014 photo, English actor and star of the FOX network series "Sleepy Hollow," Tom Mison poses for a portrait, in New York. (Photo by Scott Gries/Invision/AP))

Tom spoke with Alicia Rancilio of the Associated Press about the Sleepy Hollow finale, on FOX tonight at 8pm, and working on his first job in America.  

He thinks all the fans will be surprised about the revelations that will be revealed tonight because we missed the clues along the way.

"The seeds have been sewn throughout the season, clues as to what's coming, and as far as I know nobody's really guessed anything," Mison said.         

As we've reported here, Tom has been at the top of many Rising Stars lists and has gotten heaped with critical praise.

When asked whether he feels as though he's on Hollywood's radar, he's embarrassed but admits, "You're certainly aware of doors being opened."

"I wish I'd come to American sooner," he said. "Everyone's been delightful. Yes, I think it's safe to say 'Sleepy Hollow' has changed my life. It's delightful."

60 Seconds, 5 Questions, 1 Shameless Plug for People Magazine

Tom gets adorably flustered in this quick video from People Magazine.

Sleepy Hollow Finale TONIGHT!!



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Sleepy Hollow Finale Teases

With the Sleepy Hollow finale only hours away, critics who have seen it are warning us to brace ourselves for some exciting (and possibly traumatic) television. Loyalties will be tested, boundaries crossed and according to many, we won't see it coming. For those who don't mind spoilers, there have been a few teases posted. 

Screenspy gives us "You Think You’re Ready, But You’re Not: 10 Teasers For Sleepy Hollow’s Season Finale"," in which they say:

"Screen Spy had the opportunity to preview the episodes in advance, but we just couldn’t contain all of our excitement. That’s why we’ve scraped together 10 teasers for eager fans to help keep those theory wheels turning. You can check out the smattering of teasers below. Just remember: You think you’re ready, but you’re not."

Nicole Beharie told TV Guide:

"They question each other a little bit," Beharie tells TVGuide.com. Betrayal is on the agenda for the finale, but who actually betrays whom is the real question. "You just won't see it coming," she adds of the season ender's big twist. "It's really creative."

Len Wiseman tells TVLine that they don't use the term sacrifice lightly:

“We’ve said that there will be a sacrifice made,” Wiseman tells TVLine, adding that even “the audience, once they find out what’s happening in Purgatory, would be just as hard-pressed with the decision.”

Orlando Jones is asking Sleepy Heads to tape ourselves watching the final minutes of the show - he has been saying all the theories he's heard have been wrong, even though it's been right in front of us. 

@TheOrlandoJones While we're on the subject - Would LOVE it if my #Sleepyheads posted reaction videos of themselves watching the last 5 min of finale (cont

@TheOrlandoJones Tag it with #SHReactionVideo & we'll create a compilation for the fandom. Who's in? #GameOfThronesRedWeddingAintGotNothingOnUs

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