Tom to Make First Appearance at MCM Comic Con London 2016



MCM Comic Con has just announced that Tom will be making his first appearance at their London event on Friday, May 27th and Saturday, May 28th. Passes into the con are going quickly, but still available on the MCM Comic Con website, and you can also purchase photo ops in advance on the site as well. Autographs are bought at the show.

Check back for further information about any panels or interviews closer to the show's dates.


Sleepy Hollow: Season 3 Finale TONIGHT!



It all comes down to tonight - will Crane and Abbie get back to Sleepy Hollow with Pandora's Box in time to stop The Hidden One and save the world? In two sneak peeks, we see the team working to make that happen, and in the preview, it looks like they may be getting help from an old noggin-challenged friend. FYI, the second clip below is a little more spoilery than the first, and a lot more heartbreaking.




Tune into the Sleepy Hollow Season 3 Finale tonight at 8/7c on FOX, and (as always) tweet using the hashtag #SleepyHollow to help the show trend.


Photo by Tina Rowden/FOX via @SHollowSource


MCM Comic Con Birmingham 2016: Saturday Panel



MCM BUZZ has posted a wonderfully thorough write up of the panel that Tom did on Saturday. It started off with questions about Sleepy Hollow and the changes that took place for Season 3. A topic that always seems to come up during these sessions is Ichabod's appearance, so Tom addressed the hair issue early on with typical wit:

“We moved to Atlanta where it’s 95% humidity. To get rid of that wig… that was a bit of a blessing,” said Mison, who was grateful that he was no longer having to wear the wig for Ichabod. “We discussed at the beginning of this season that there was a hair change. My performance is entirely based on hair in this show,” he explained, adding how having his hair cut showed that there was a definite change in Ichabod. “He’s killed his wife and his son. I’d always imagined that he’d cut it all off and went to Scotland. From the moment you see him, you know that it’s a different person. Who knew that hair could be so interesting? It’s not really, is it.”

Talk turned to whether Tom, who has written several pieces for stage and film, would be interested in writing or directing for the show. Time constraints make that tough he said, but when he went on to speak about the Bones crossover, he noted the power of a good DP (Director of Photography), which sounded like someone who just might interested in trying his hand at directing.

Another question that always pops up once they wrap up shooting is whether he will be able to take on any new projects during the hiatus. His answer was that he was not allowed to accept other work until they know whether the show is renewed (a decision which will come no later than mid May), and he's "had to turn down some rather nice things." Disappointing, but understandable.

The chat covered topics from his co-stars to what comic book character he'd like to play, and the take-away was mostly that Tom is looking for a role that will afford him a decent amount of sleep. Also understandable.


UPDATE: You can watch the first 9 minutes or so of this panel below, courtesy @isutxi:


MCM Comic Con Birmingham 2016: Interviews and Photos


Tom's appearance at MCM Comic Con in Birmingham this weekend gave us a host of new photos and interviews to enjoy. Make sure to watch his interview from the con floor that he gave on Saturday - he chats with @tanavip about his film Dead Cat, his second biggest mustache in Parade's End, and of course Season 3 of Sleepy Hollow.

He also took part in a panel each day, and @Geektown was kind enough to upload Sunday's event (see below). Unfortunately the sound is a bit rough, but it is worth taking the time to work through it for Tom's answers about what he loves about acting and his thoughts about the Bones crossover, among many other topics.



The weekend also gave us a some wonderful new photos, which you can see below.


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Saturday's panel may pop up in the future and there was word of at least one other interview. There may also be some exclusive additions to the galleries, so do check back for those in the coming days.