People's Choice: Against the Clock with Tom and John Noble


Tom and John made a promotional appearance together in NYC this past Halloween where they were interviewed by several different media outlets. People's Choice has posted a fun clip of their interview with them, which is embedded below:


Ichabod Crane: Modern Man

To tide us over until the next new Sleepy Hollow episode on January 5th, FOX has uploaded 4 Ichabod vs. the 21st Century moments for us to enjoy. Two of them are embedded below - visit FOX's Sleepy Hollow YouTube page to view the others.



Interview Magazine


Tom appears in the new December 2014 issue of Interview Magazine, with the gorgeous photo above. You can also find the article online. In an accompanying interview by Jacob Brown, Tom is as charming as ever:

Even over the phone, Mison's wry sense of humor comes through. He's bemused that, at age 32, his career is all Crane all the time. "I won't lie; that's a tough prospect," he admits. "I didn't become an actor to do a nine-to-five job. I'm lucky, though, because this is a role with so many different sides. One day I could be Inspector Clouseau, the next I could be Bond, all within the same character." He also is taking advantage of the move from bustling London to pleasant small-town America, even if "it's quite a culture shock," as he puts it. "Everyone's delightful. You sit out on your porch and people walk past and wave hello." And does Tom Mison sit on his porch in a rocking chair? "Oh, piss off—I have three," he laughs. "I've gone all-out with my Southern charm."


Photo by Jai Odell