Sleepy Hollow: Shooting Continues in Atlanta


The holiday break is just a memory for the Sleepy Hollow cast and crew -- they're back at it down in Atlanta, shooting the final episodes of Season 3. Thanks to tweets from Tyler Cravens (@TylerCrave), a guest actor on the show, we know that they are presently shooting episode 14 of the 18 episode season. He was also kind enough to share a photo taken on set with Tom:



In other good news, the Sleepy Hollow costume designers were recently nominated for their amazing work by the Costume Designers Guild. Kristin M. Burke and Mairi Chisholm were nominated for Season 2 and Mairi was also nominated for Season 3 in the Outstanding Fantasy Series category. Congratulations to them on their richly deserved nominations!

Sleepy Hollow returns in just a few weeks in their new time slot on Fridays at 8pm. Make sure to tune in on February 5th for episode 3.09 "One Life."



Sleepy Hollow: 'Slide to Unlock' on EW's Best of 2015 List



Entertainment Weekly has included a scene from Season 2 finale Tempus Fugit in their Best of 2015 list. The 'slide to unlock' scene was an absolutely brilliant moment, a stand out in what was arguably the best episode of the season, with a storyline mirroring the show's pilot. EW interviewed the episode's writer, former showrunner Mark Goffman, for some insight into how that moment came about, in the script and Tom's performance.

The moment he did it, we knew it was definitely going to be a moment in this montage. We had him do a number of things with the phone, including tapping it against the table, but it just made sense: If you don’t know what to do with a phone, and it says to slide, you try moving the actual phone.”

Click through the link above for details about how that moment and the episode as a whole came together.

EW's isn't the only year end list on which Sleepy Hollow has appeared. Yahoo recently released their list of 23 Best TV Moments of 2015, and the indignities Ichabod suffered at Colonial Times in the Season 3 premiere made theirs. From the mind blowing menu to the giant Franklin bobble-head to Crane's admonition of the staff about the proper placement of their tricorn hats, it was a memorable way to start off the new season.

Remember, Sleepy Hollow is back February 5th on their new day and time - Friday's at 8/7c!

Sleepy Hollow: Fall Finale Airs Tonight



Tonight is the fall finale of Sleepy Hollow, meaning it is the last episode until the show returns in February in its new Friday at 8/7c time slot. In other words, chances are really good that this will be an action packed hour of television that you won't want to miss. The episode, entitled Novus Ordo Seclorum, was written by Leigh Dana Jackson (@LDJackson) and directed by Russell Fine (@RLeeFine). Sleepy Hollow newcomer Peter Mensah (300, Spartacus), who plays The Hidden One, will be live tweeting along -- he is @PMensahOnline. Remember to use the hashtag #SleepyHollow in all of your tweets so it will trend, as well as a special one for tonight -- #SaveJenny. That last one does not bode well.

For those not spoiler averse, embedded below are a couple of clips from tonight's episode.



Crane is always honest, regardless of the situation. See the fall finale tonight at 9/8c on FOX.

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Sleepy Hollow: Fox Announces Mid Season Moves



Fox is shaking up its schedule yet again in hopes of salvaging the 2015-16 season. This fall they inexplicably moved Sleepy Hollow to Thursday nights against Scandal and The Blacklist, perhaps hoping die hard Sleepyheads would bring in good delayed viewing numbers - which they have pretty much done. However, with the winter hiatus approaching, Fox has announced their plans for yet another move.

Sleepy Hollow will have its fall finale next week on November 19th, then go on hiatus until February. The show will return  February 5th in a new time slot - Fridays at 8/7c. Normally a move to Friday would not be a good thing, but genre shows in particular have had success. Cult favorite Fringe and Grimm, which is now in its 5th season, have done well on Fridays, so there is much reason to be hopeful that this could turn out to be a positive development.