Sleepy Hollow: Tom Talks Season Finale with TVLine

TVLine has posted a bit of a conversation with Tom and what he had to say about Monday's season finale as well as what his head cannon is for fan favorite The Kindred.

The Kindred is still roaming around Sleepy Hollow.
[Laughs] Yeah.

What’s the possibility we’ll see it again?
I have been begging, begging for months to just have a shot — just one thing, apropos of nothing — mirroring the end-of-credits sequence in The Avengers, with The Kindred sitting, having a shawarma, just waiting, a little bit lost, on his own. Perhaps with The Sandman. [Laughs]

And how is that going?
Small steps, Kim. Small steps. This is a long race.

You’ve mentioned that there’s a level of finality in the season finale that you wouldn’t expect from this show. Could the episode serve as a series finale, if that comes to pass?
No. I think it does open the door. It opens a big door for a new team; new relationships within the team are forged in that final episode that open a door to such great opportunities for Season 3. If [a renewal] doesn’t happen, there would be a few questions answered, but there would be questions raised about what would happen now.

That's enough talk about the series finale for now! It is true that we haven't heard from FOX about renewal yet, so if you'd like to show support for the show, there is a petition you can sign asking that Sleepy Hollow be brought back for Season 3. Click here to sign and make sure to share the link with fellow Sleepyheads.


Photo by Brownie Harris/FOX


Sleepy Hollow: "Tempus Fugit" Preview


Next week is the season finale for Sleepy Hollow, and after tonight's episode I think we can all tell it will be typically epic. Will there be yet another death? Will things get all timey wimey for our brave duo? Tune in to FOX on Monday, February 23rd at 9pm/8c to find out! Check out the finale preview below, and remember, if you are in the NYC area, come watch the show with fellow Sleepyheads at the viewing party I am hosting with @HeadOverFeels.



Sleepy Hollow: Finale Viewing Party in NYC



Believe it or not, the Sleepy Hollow Season 2 finale is less than two weeks away on February 23rd! We had such a great time at the viewing party we had in January, that we've decided to throw another one. I'll be hosting again with Kim and Sage from Head Over Feels and it will be at the same venue as last time, the Stone Creek Bar at 140 East 27th Street in New York City. We get the back room to ourselves with a huge screen, the food is great and the company of Sleepyheads is always a pleasure, plus there will be some fantastic door prizes - I hope you'll come join us!

We need an accurate head count, so please RSVP on our Facebook invite page if you can attend, or email me at


Sleepy Hollow: Meet Thomas Jefferson in "What Lies Beneath"



In tonight's episode of Sleepy Hollow, we are not flashing back to see our Founding Fathers -- it seems we are meeting one in present day! We'll have to tune in tonight to see exactly how and why that bit of magic was accomplished, but with Steven Weber (Wings, Murder in the First) guest starring as Thomas Jefferson, it promises to be extraordinary.

4 clips of the show have been posted by FOX and can be found on their YouTube page, as well as a behind-the-scenes sneak peek which is embedded below.



Promo and BTS images have been uploaded to the galleries.

Ratings have stabilized for the show, but no renewal announcement has come through - YET. Make sure to watch the show at 9 pm/8c, and remind your friends, families, co-workers, acquaintances and random passers-by to watch as well! You can also show your support by tweeting about it using the hashtags #SleepyHollow and #RenewSleepyHollow.


Photo by Brownie Harris/FOX