NYCC 2014: Sleepy Hollow Panel


The panel listings for New York Comic Con have been posted and Sleepy Hollow will be there - on the main stage!  Mark your calendars for Sunday, October 12th from 3-4pm. No attendees have been confirmed, and no word on whether there will be an autograph session, but that information should be coming soon!


Interview: Us Weekly - 9/22/14 Issue


Us Weekly has published an interview with Tom, which appears in their September 22nd issue. They, of course, had to ask the pre-requisite Ichabbie/chemistry question, which Tom is quite the expert at addressing by now:

Crane is married but has intense chemistry with Abbie (Nicole Beharie). Explain yourself, sir!

Running around the woods in the middle of the night chasing after monsters is profoundly erotic. Sometimes I have to just throw a saucy look to her.

Well played, sir.

To read the full interview, click through to the galleries.