Interviews: Secret Rituals and Food Porn

The interviews just keep rolling in, and I'm feeling a little light-headed from all the excitement.

Channel Guide posted a wonderful interview with Tom that revealed some new T-Mis FactsTM, including a secret ritual he has for getting into character:

“No one in the world knows this,” Mison says, dropping his voice a bit conspiratorially. “I have a little Sleepy Hollow playlist on a day when the wig and coat are not enough, and that playlist helps a lot.”

He listens to Tom Waits — because who screams “Revolutionary era” more than the gravelly voiced singer? “I am a huge fan,” Mison says of Waits. “I have been lobbying the producers when we reveal the third apocalypse, ‘please can we have Tom Waits?’” His playlist includes the more expected, such as 18th century sea shanties. There’s also French singer Woodkid, and Depeche Mode’s “Personal Jesus.”

“It all helps,” Mison says. “Maybe one day, I’ll release it.”

We also learn that his favorite stage role is his turn as James Leighton-Masters in Posh (quite timely, since the film version called The Riot Club has been released this past week - Tom has a cameo at the start of the movie):

What were your favorite stage roles? I was in a play called “Posh” about entitlement, loosely based on the Bullingdon Club, an Oxford University drinking society for only the very, very well-to-do students. The play was written in time for the last election. The mayor of London, they were all members. They would hire a room, get absolutely @#$%-faced and smash everything that can be smashed, and when the proprietor walks in, hand over a wad of cash and say, “Deal with it.” The play was written [with the message that] if you vote for him, this is the kind of thing you are getting. Every night people were leaving arguing with other members of the audience they did not arrive with. It sparked debate all the time. Police had to be called because a fight broke out. That was the pinnacle of my career — to be involved in a play that caused such debate that a fight broke out in a theater bar.

He also reveals to them that he's into food porn - apparently a good pie can really get him going. He also enjoys the many facets of coconut oil and lusts after watermelon. Food also came up in an interview posted. In that one he mentioned he was "living off pulled pork and bourbon and sweet potato fries." Sounds like he's assimilating to North Carolina quite well.

USA Today: "In 'Sleepy Hollow,' you may believe the unbelievable"

Story about the return of Sleepy Hollow, with these quotes from Tom:

"There's such a wealth of material to dive into," says Mison. "At the very beginning, they had the Freemasons , the Book of Revelation, Washington and all of his gang. They'd probably have to work very hard to be boring with all of that."


Founding Fathers such as Franklin (Timothy Busfield, The West Wing), are a learning opportunity for British actor Mison. He acknowledges he wasn't much of a student of American history before the series.

"History lessons in England tend to dwell on the times we beat the French, not when we were beaten by the Americans," he says. "So I didn't know an awful lot."


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Sleepy Hollow: Reports from the Set

Photo by David Johnson/FOX


With the much anticipated Season 2 premiere of Sleepy Hollow only days away, interviews, articles and teases are being posted at a furious pace.  All will be listed in the Interviews section (see link in upper right), but those that rate some extra attention will be highlighted here on the news page.

This one definitely fits into that latter category. Several journalists had visited the Sleepy Hollow set in Wilmington not too long ago, some even had the good fortune to be asked to be extras in a club scene that was being shot the day they were there. One very entertaining write up of that experience was shared by Meredith Woerner on io9, entitled "I Was An Extra On The Sleepy Hollow Set, And Here's What I Learned."  The most fascinating thing she learned is that Tom smells of flannel and lavender, but you have to read the comments to unearth that little gem (you really must click through and read the comments below the story). She recounts the events of the day from hair and make-up through watching Tom shoot a scene in a dance club:

In walks Tom Mison. He is in full Ichabod Crane mode: hair flowing, eyes darting. Ichabod enters the club spit-firing his dialogue in the disdainful manner that only Mison can get away with. He's at once fascinated and derisive, a beautiful balance. Oh, Ichabod, you hate everything, and that just makes us love you more! What's even stranger is that Ichabod is still in full period dress and yet he sticks out way less than his cohort Nick Hawley. The blonde-headed Hawley is wearing the traditional "good guy" henley paired with a shoulder gun holster. Yes, this is apparently the kind of character who walks into a club with a gun. It's ridiculous, but only in the way that makes Sleepy Hollow wonderful (Hello, shirtless scorpion acid trips).

There are also some wonderful photos of all our favorite sets, with some bonus jazz hands for good measure.

Another visitor to set was Daniel Fienberg (@HitFixDaniel) from HitFix. His chat with Tom includes the similarities between Ichabod/Abbie and Clarice/Hannibal (from Silence of the Lambs), how this season's shoot feels different, and what it's like for Ichabod to finally be with Katrina in present day (spoilers):

Well she's with the Headless Horseman to begin with, she gets taken up by him, but finally they're together again. She's been waiting 200 and however many years and he's been waiting since he came out of the ground the first time. And it's weird. It's weird then being back together. He then suddenly realizes, "My wife lied to me s***loads. She was a spy, she was a witch," there are a couple of other revelations that you find out. And then you get into the interesting relationship of, "I need to trust her but how can I?" You start building up your armies and she's a vital part of our army, but she's lied so much before, what effect is that going to have on the war and our relationship from now on?
TVFanatic editor Jim Halterman also paid a visit - you can see his interview with Tom below:


The 18 episode second season of Sleepy Hollow begins Monday on FOX. "Tom Mison says jaw dropped when told of this season's 'Sleepy Hollow' finale"

Interview with Tom, posted on September 18, 2014:

"That's why I loved it when I first read the pilot," Milson told critics. "It's crazy and it's not like anything I had read before."

There was no fear this show could ever jump the shark, he added, "because in the pilot we kicked the shark in the teeth."

Milson himself has jumped into a strange new world in his leap across the pond from London to Wilmington. "I'm still refusing to say, 'Y'all," he says of his Carolina experience. He likes the slower pace of life and especially swimming at the beach, admitting "that's something I don't usually do at six in the morning in England."

When an American reporter suggests he was enjoying better food he quickly corrects that impression to be "more food. "I'm living off pulled pork and bourbon and sweet potato fries. That's my Americanization."

He feels the series does have a lot of "English humour" in it, especially in the dialogue. "It would be very easy for a show about people battling for the side of good against evil ... to become earnest," he says. "So it's nice to avoid that by having a grown man confused by a pen."

Look for Crane to get even more confounded as the series goes on. Mison says he talks regularly with executive producer Mark Goffman about where the series is heading. When he was told about the cliff-hanger the producers have in store for this season, Milson says, "my jaw hit the ground even harder than when he told me the finale last season."

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