Sleepy Hollow Update

The first Sleepy Hollow billboards are going up, around LA at least, as attested to by Sizemore (Slingers) who tweeted about it, and Sleepy Hollow creator Phillip Iscove, who tweeted the attached photo of said billboard.  Fantastic to see Fox giving the show so much support!

Keep an eye out on the Fox shows every night - I have seen promos for the show on Masterchef and So You Think You Can Dance in particular, and just this week saw a great new :60 promo with some new footage in it.  Word has it that there may even be a :60 trailer in movie theaters before too long!

Also, a great source for North Carolina production information, the Wilmywood blog, recently posted this:

"Well, yesterday I found out tours for Screen Gems won’t happen as soon as August, in fact it is still TBD at the moment, BUT there are BIG PLANS FOR THE BACKLOT - and it’s going to be HUGE!  Looks like 17+ buildings going up recreating colonial times for Sleep Hollow!  This will be the biggest set we have had yet on the back lot at Screen Gems!  And you know what that means?  It means money in our vendor’s pockets!  Paint stores, lumber, hardware, you name it!  Keep the Wilmington economy going, Sleepy Hollow!!  Production begins at the end of the month."


Mark Your Calendars - Sleepy Hollow Premieres September 16th!

Fox has announced today that Sleepy Hollow will premiere on Monday, September 16th in it's 9pm time slot, immediately following the 9th season premiere of Bones.  Only 81 days to go!!

Tom Appears at FPEC in Las Vegas

Looks like Tom is enjoying the balmy Las Vegas weather at the Fox Promotion Executive Conference today, appearing to promote Sleepy Hollow.  The photo above was posted by @DIRECTV. Some photos of lucky people posing with him here, and here. A photo of him on stage here, and even a quick video clip of him on stage here!