Sleepy Hollow: Gearing Up for Season 4



It's been very quiet in Sleepy Hollow, but today brings us two pieces of news.

Thanks to writer Joe Webb, we finally know that cameras will start rolling on Season 4 in the second half of August.



The other piece of exciting news comes to us from Michael Ausiello at TVLine, who reported a casting notice looking for a skeptical, single mom in her 30's with a wry sense of humor, to partner with Crane at the new organization introduced in the final moments of Season 3. For a full description, click through to TVLine.


MCM Comic Con London: Press Room Interview



There is one more video interview to share from this weekend, this time from the press room. The Realistic Optimist, who fondly refers to Tom as "a gem of a human being" in her write-up, posted the full interview below. In the round table chat, he spoke about his approach to Ichabod, the controversial finale of Season 3 and some interesting possibilities for Season 4, which is due to start airing in early 2017.




Photo by The Realistic Optimist


MCM Comic Con London: Friday Q&A Redux


A full video of Tom's Q&A from his appearance on Friday at MCM Comic Con London was posted a couple of days ago, but was shot from a little far away in the back of the room. Below is the Q&A in two parts from a bit more of a closer angle, brought to you by some fans who were very generous of their time and bandwidth.




MCM Comic Con London: Saturday Q&A


Thanks to the herculean efforts of a lovely fan who was able to shoot the panel on Saturday and get it uploaded in record time, and another wonderful fan who uploaded the files to YouTube when technology failed on my end, here is the Q&A that Tom and Neil Jackson participated in at MCM Comic Con London over the weekend. The acoustics in that particular room are a little rough (probably best to use ear buds), but worth the effort to hear them chat about Sleepy Hollow and answer questions from the audience.